Veer Towers The wild slant of Las Vegas’s Veer Towers, designed by Chicago architecture firm Murphy/Jahn, evokes the drunken revelers in the streets below. The towers lean an astounding 5 degrees (the Leaning Tower of Pisa tilts just 3.9).

Veer Towers 2A core of slanted columns hands off the load at the sixth, 19th and 32nd floors as the floorplates shift more than 35 feet across the 37-story height of the building. The result is an impossible-looking structure and, because the towers lean past each other, views from every room. It’s the year’s boldest example of a true partnership between architect and engineer—what Jahn calls “archineering”.
Veer Towers 4The towers, which have already been awarded LEED Gold certification, include retail space on the lower floors and 335 condominiums per tower on the upper floors. Yellow checkerboard sunscreens shade the buildings on the east, south and western facades, limiting solar gain and providing privacy for residents. About 50% of the glass used in the project’s facade is color frit-coated vision glass, which further reduces solar gain.
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