Venus Τransit of the Sun

The transit of Venus is the passage of Venus across the sun, as Venus orbits directly between the Earth and the sun.   Transit of Venus on June 8, 2004. Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

Venus transit of the Sun- June 5

Image credit: NASA

The transit of Venus on June 5 won’t happen again for 105 years, until December 2117.

The historical event can be observed from the south Pacific, and will also be visible around sunset from the USA.

The darkened small disk of Venus will pass over the face of the sun, from June 5 22:09:38, till June 6 4:49:35 Universal Time.

Click here to find out the local transit times in your sky.

Venus transit of the Sun

Transit of Venus by NASA’s TRACE spacecraft.  Image credit NASA

Venus Τransit of the Sun- June 5- map

Image credit: NASA Fred Espenak

Venus Τransit of the Sun- June 5- Location visibility

Image credit: NASA Eclipse Web Site.