Electric Drift Trike

Verrado is an electric-powered drifting trike for adults, one of the most rapidly growing sports around the world.  Watch the video…

The Verrado’s electric motor lets you to drift on flat surfaces like asphalt, allowing you to ride almost anywhere with complete control.

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Looking to make trike drifting possible on flat ground, Local Motors’ engineers experimented with a hub motor and battery pack from one of Local Motors’ electric bicycle prototypes and produced the first iteration of an electric-powered drift trike. After multiple iterations that tested different hub motors and battery chemistries, the Electric Verrado was finalized. It combines a BMX fork with a 20” heavy duty front wheel featuring an aluminum casting around the brushless hub motors, two rear karting wheels lined with PVC pipe, a strong disc brake and a powerful programmable electric motor.

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The Electric Verrado uses a Lithium Cobalt Manganese battery that’s easy to charge in about 3 hours. With a full charge, it will run for 45 minutes, or around 12 miles. Mileage and duration vary based on the amount of drifting you do.

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