Various stages of the solar eclipse in Tokyo May 20 2012

Here are some stunning eclipse videos from the northern Pacific region and western North America, of the annular eclipse on May 20/21, 2012. Above: various stages of the eclipse in Tokyo, Japan from Kim Nilsson.

The Annular Solar Eclipse of May 20, 2012 from New Castle Colorado. I was all set up to photograph from Boulder when the weather reports and sky really took a turn for the worse. About three hours out I hit the road and when I finally found myself 190 miles west in New Castle, Colorado, I knew it was the right place. The sky opened up and gave me a full hour of clear skies with the eclipsing Sun near the horizon. It was amazing…

Annular Solar Eclipse May 20 2012

700 pictures through a Coronado Solar Max 60 Double Stack telescope were used to make this video. The Telescope has a very narrow bandpass allowing you to see the chromosphere and not the much brighter photosphere below it. The music was composed in Abelton Live.

Annular Solar Eclipse USA “RING OF FIRE” in totality on May 20th, 2012, in Albuquerque NM
United States exclusive eclipse footage featuring the Sun at its totality stage.
The video of the Sun. This footage is fast forwarded for your viewing.