Virginia Morell gets inside animal heads

Do you wonder what are animals really thinking and feeling? Virginia Morell in her book “Animal Wise” explores their hidden world.    Image © Nina P

Science writer, author and an animal lover all of her life, Virginia Morell aims to reshape our understanding of our fellow creatures. Ants can teach and earthworms do make decisions! However, her focus was on well-known species such as dolphins and the domestic dog. She shadowed several innovative scientists investigating the animal psyche.

Morell in her interview with National Geographic said: One of the things evolutionary biologists began to become more and more interested in, in the late ’80s and ’90s, was evolution of mind—it’s not something that appeared because we stepped on the planet. Darwin said evolution didn’t just include our physical body, but our emotional side as well.

You can find here the book Animal Wise: The Thoughts and Emotions of Our Fellow Creatures

via National Geographic