Volkswagen Expand concept

The Volkswagen Expand concept designed by Luiz Antonelli, is a very versatile urban commuter with extendable cabin for 1 0r 2 people or extra cargo.

Image credit: Luiz Antonelli

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It also offers a feature that separates the front wheels from the vehicle, to become a personal transportation.

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Antonelli said about the Volkswagen Expand:

” The target users of the Volkswagen Expand are single or married people, 18-30 years old, looking for an accessible vehicle and that meets their basic transportation needs.

The interior, simple and sober, was designed for the user who just stays the time necessary in his car but want comfort and safety.

With this project I got second place in “Talento Volkswagen Design 2012″ winning a year of internship at Volkswagen of Brazil and a trip to the Frankfurt Auto Show.”

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source Luiz Antonelli