Volta Volare GT4 electric plane

Volta Volaré GT4 electric plane provides exceptional speed, stability and range in a spacious and near-silent cabin, at the lowest operating cost of any aircraft in its class.

An electric plane is less expensive to operate than a conventional aircraft. An electric-powered flight in a single-engine plane would consume in 200-mile about $20 of electricity, compared with about $80 worth of aviation-grade gasoline. Most important an electric motor has only one moving part, so it would be maintenance-free.

Volta Volare GT4 electric plane

The airframe itself is a canard pusher design to make her sleek and fast, but also this configuration is much less likely to stall or spin.

Every structural component of the GT4 is constructed with the latest carbon fiber composite material, which makes it stable and agile, but able to withstand tremendous loads, corrosion, weather and UV exposure over many years of service life.

“Our EViation Drive and ESS delivers more torque and horsepower than any 20th century ICE. That it does so silently and with near-zero emissions is just the beginning. With one moving part, the hybrid electric EViation Drive requires minimal maintenance and offers TBO times up to ten X of an ICE.”

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source Volta Volaré