Voztec Helmet

The Voztec is a full face helmet which opens up like a clam. Australia’s John Vozzo first came up with the idea when he was in hospital with two broken legs, which were the result of a skydiving accident. His injuries left him temporarily unable to work, so he turned his attentions to developing a rear-entry skydiving helmet.

Voztec Helmet (1)

After teaming up with business partner Mark Bryant, the concept was developed into a horse-racing helmet. Now, the duo are proposing a whole line of helmets that incorporate the Voztec rear-entry system, although the current focus is on a helmet for motorcyclists.

The Company intends to incorporate the Voztec system into a selection of helmet products that are robust, meet a market need and can be produced at a sustainable and competitive cost.

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Shape was one of the main considerations whilst developing the Voztec System, extensive studies concluded that the safest shape helmets are the rounder and smoother shape helmets of the early 1990’s. The reason is, the fewer the snag points, the safer the helmet. The current shape and rear access design of the Voztec Helmet has allowed the lower edge of the helmet to be rolled, therefore creating a rounder, smoother, safer shape helmet that fits extremely close to the user’s head, creating less snag points than conventional full face helmets.

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