Size comparisons of buildings to the proposed USS Enterprise

An engineer has proposed to build a full-sized, ion-powered version of the Enterprise complete in foul details, with 1G of gravity on board, and says it could be done with current technology, within 20 years.

Size comparisons of buildings to the proposed USS Enterprise. Credit:

“We have the technological reach to build the first generation of the spaceship known as the USS Enterprise – so let’s do it,” writes the founder of the Build The Enterprise website (BTE).

This “Gen1” Enterprise could get to Mars in ninety days, to the Moon in three, and “could hop from planet to planet dropping off robotic probes of all sorts en masse – rovers, special-built planes, and satellites.”

BTE website was launched just this week, with complete designs, ship specs, a funding schedule, and covers almost every aspect of how the project could be done.We could build a real Starship Enterprise in 20 years

In this video is a concept for a gravity wheel inside a 21st century USS Enterprise. Visit to learn how to build the 1st generation USS Enterprise over the next 20 year with 1g gravity. It’s a spacecraft, a spaceport, and a space station all in one!

A Brief Story of the BTE Site

“Last Tuesday, the only people in the world who knew about this site were myself, my wife, and one of my daughters (and my website developer). I did not tell my extended family, friends, or co-workers. I had tried hard to make a compelling website putting in many months of work. So I thought a few like-minded readers (think in the hundreds) might like it even though most others might think it far-fetched.

So I went to the largest NASA forum and posted about it and many there made derisive comments. I was an intruder poking around in their sandbox, I suppose. I had hoped for collaboration, but that was not forthcoming. I began to defend the ideas on the BTE site hoping for some good interations, and then the owner of the forum killed the thread. Before killing it he wrote: “Sci fi fans taking on NASA engineers is too funny, but also a waste of time. We deal with real hardware here.” So I figured that was that, but I would still keep the BTE site up because I will forever think it’s cool. Yes, I created the site with grand dreams in mind, but, well, dreams are dreams. But still, I did sent a couple of emails to bloggers who provided links back to my site which started a trickle of traffic last Thursday.

And then between last Friday and today the BTE site went viral. Universe Today and MSNBC did articles on it. And then it spread further – articles appeared in The Christian Science Monitor, The Huffington Post, and the MailOnline in the UK. The last two are the second and third most read online newspapers in the world. And many, many smaller sites wrote about the BTE site too. Facebook and social media linking has kicked in and the net effect of all of this is driving a relentless storm of traffic to this site 24/7. A few days ago I had assumed I would have this obscure corner of the web where a few people might be interested, and now this. I seem to have struck a deep chord of some type with huge numbers of people.”