robotic arms for humans

Wearable robotic arms able to assist users in performing manipulation tasks, acting as third and fourth arms and therefore augment the workspace and the skills of the human.    Watch the video…

MIT researchers developed Supernumerary Robotic Limbs (SRL), that can help you do stuff that would be annoying, uncomfortable, or impossible to do on your own.

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They just presented two prototypes, with one model featuring a pair of limbs that spring from your shoulders and another with limbs that extend from your waist.

The system is worn through a backpack-like harness with padded straps and hip belt. The mechatronic structure, connected to the harness with a compliant element, is composed of a backpack unit and two robotic arms. The unit is placed behind the lower back of the user, and hosts the system actuators.

The sytem minimizes the interference with human motion and maximizes the robotic limbs’ workspace, allowing them to act both as arms and as legs.

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source MIT d’Arebeloff Laboratory