wFoil18 Albatross

Prototype wFoil 18 Albatross is a unique hydro foil with two seats, which work with an engine or sail. It just passed the first tests on Slovenian sea in Portoroz.

Images credit Wfoilsail

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The hydro foil is fitted with a 75 kW Rotax 912 engine, capable of 50 kts, and if you remove the engine and adding the sail, then you have a sailing craft with a top speed of 40 kts.

“Have you ever wondered how an albatross feels? Flying effortlessly over the ocean, approaching the waves and playfully touching the surface with the tips of its wings? With revolutionary wFoil 18 Albatross, a unique hydro foil two-seater, you are about to find out!”

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source wfoilsail