Window to the World

Imagine when a journey from A to B is no longer routine as your car in the near-future encourages a sense of play, exploration and learning. This is the image engineers and designers from Toyota Motor Europe (TME) and the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) had of Toyota’s “Window to the World” vehicle concept.

Five parts of the ‘window to the world’ concept:
– ‘drawing in motion’, in which the window is used as a canvas
– ‘zoom’ that lets passengers zoom-in on objects visible through the window
– ‘translation’, in which riders can click on an object visible through the window and see and hear a foreign language translation for it
– ‘augmented distances’ that estimates the distance between the vehicle and an object viewable outside
– and ‘virtual constellations’, in which the car’s panoramic roof can display stellar constellations and information about them,
using the actual sky as a backdrop.

Window to the World

NB: The video used to promote this vehicle concept is a simulation filmed in static, controlled environments. All health and safety requirements were met for the described conditions. Toyota will never promote unsafe behaviors, and will always encourage passengers to fasten their seatbelts.