Rain in an ancient town

The World Photography Organization has announced the amazing winners of the 2014 Sony World Photography Awards.  Rain in an ancient town. Chen Li, China. Open Travel – Winner

Jump of Life

Jump of Life. Cheung Lai San, Hong Kong. Hong Kong National Award – 1st Place

Poor god

Arup Ghosh, India, Open People, Winner


Exit. Michael Nordqvist, Sweden. Nordics National Award – 1st Place

Not Superman

Not Superman. Irwansyah, Indonesia. Indonesia National Award – 1st Place

Under the staircase

Under the staircase. Holger Schmidtke, Germany. Open Architecture – Winner

Starry lighthouse

Starry lighthouse. Ivan Pedretti, Italy. Open Panoramic – Winner

Fire Dragon

Fire Dragon. Chi Hung Cheung, Hong Kong. Hong Kong National Award – 2nd Place


Panco. Adhi Prayoga, Indonesia. Indonesia National Award – 2nd Place


Samsara. Wolfgang Weinhardt, Germany. Germany National Award – 3rd Place

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