Illume 2013 -Overall Winner: Lorenz Holder

The winners of the 2013 third annual Red Bull Illume largest Sports Photography contest, from 7,000 participants, at a ceremony in Hong Kong.   Overall Winner: Lorenz Holder, Germany. His winning snap showed Xaver Hoffmann, a professional snowboarder, midair against a gigantic satellite dish near the border of Germany and Austria.

The 2013 Red Bull Illume Overall Winner, Top 10 category winners and Top 50 finalists were unveiled at a spectacular ceremony held in Hong Kong on August 29th. German photographer Lorenz Holder was crowned Overall Winner for his remarkable shot of a snowboarder next to a giant satellite dish. As Overall Winner, Holder received a Leica S camera, a broncolor Move Outdoor kit and Sun-Sniper gear — a prize worth over €30,000 in total. He also won the Experimental category. “The quality of the images in the Top 50 was amazing, so for me it is a great honour to be voted number one. It’s so unreal. It will take a few days for the news to sink in,” said Lorenz Holder, the Overall Winner of the 2013 Red Bull Illume.

“There are talented photographers and then there are gifted photographers,” said Jym Wilson, senior photo editor at USA Today and one of 50 Red Bull Illume judges. “I saw a lot of talent but also saw some truly gifted photographers. These are not just action photographers but people with great technical and artistic skills.”

“Illumination” Category Winner: Scott Serfas, Canada.

Illume 2013 "Illumination" Category Winner: Scott Serfas

“Illumination” Category Winner: Scott Serfas

“We had been in Alaska for a month and I knew the trip was ending very soon.”

“New Creativity” Category Winner: Daniel Vojtěch, Czech Republic.

Illume 2013 Largest Sports Photography contest "New Creativity" Category Winner: Daniel Vojtěch

“New Creativity” Category Winner: Daniel Vojtěch

This shoot took place in a studio.

“Energy” Category Winner: Romina Amato, Switzerland.

Illume 2013 "Energy" Category Winner: Romina Amato

“Energy” Category Winner: Romina Amato

“I was covering the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series on the Islet of Vila Franca do Campo in the Portuguese Azores from a boat.”

“Lifestyle” Category Winner: Morgan Maassen, United State

Illume 2013 "Lifestyle" Category Winner: Morgan Maassen

“Lifestyle” Category Winner: Morgan Maassen

“Late one fall I gathered a group of America’s next generation of young surfers, and we departed for Fiji to try our hand at an impressive south swell.”

“Close Up” Category Winner: Jeroen Nieuwhuis, Netherlands

Illume 2013 "Close Up" Category Winner: Jeroen Nieuwhuis

“Close Up” Category Winner: Jeroen Nieuwhuis

“Skating the street from front to back a couple of times, I kept trying to get the right shot.”

“Experimental” Category Winner: Lorenz Holder, Germany.

Illume 2013 "Experimental" Category Winner: Lorenz Holder

“Experimental” Category Winner: Lorenz Holder

“As I had used a tripod so many times, I found out that I could flip different pictures in Photoshop and put them together again to create a totally different, new world that doesn’t exist in real life.”

“Sequence” Category Winner: Zakary Noyle, United States.

Illume 2013 "Sequence" Category Winner: Zakary Noyle

“Sequence” Category Winner: Zakary Noyle

“This was not a large day by North Shore standards but sort of a lay day. When the waves are smaller, the surfers usually go out for a surf right before the sun sets.”

“Spirit” Category Winner: Chris Burkard, United States.

Illume 2013 "Spirit" Category Winner: Chris Burkard

“Spirit” Category Winner: Chris Burkard

“We woke at dawn to what appeared to be clear skies and we immediately scrambled to get our things together. Windows of clear blue skies are rare in these parts of Norway and each minute that passed as we gathered our boards and wetsuits seemed twice as long.”

“Wings” Category Winner: Samo Vidic, Slovenia.

Illume 2013 "Wings" Category Winner: Samo Vidic

“Wings” Category Winner: Samo Vidic

“I was booked for the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series stop in Greece.”

Our favorites:

Category Finalist 2013: Wings

Illume 2013 Largest Sports Photography contest (11)

Photographer: Dimitrios Kontizas, Athlete: Hubert Schober, Kedley Oliveti, Location: Zakynthos, Greece


Category Finalist 2013: Sequence

Illume 2013 Largest Sports Photography contest (12)

Photographer: Scott Serfas, Athlete: John Jackson, Location: Aniak, AK, USA

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