World on course to run out of water

Water is essential for life. No living being on planet Earth can survive without it. According to United Nation’s Secretary General Ban Ki-moon: the world is on a crash course to run out of freshwater.    Watch the impressive video…

Ban Ki-moon speaking on the UN’s International Day of Biological Diversity, he said “world is on course to run out of freshwater unless greater efforts are made to improve water security.”

“We live in an increasingly water insecure world where demand often outstrips supply and where water quality often fails to meet minimum standards. Under current trends, future demands for water will not be met.

Although seemingly abundant, only a tiny amount of the water on our planet is easily available as freshwater.

Where once the focus was on trade-offs between water use and biodiversity, today we are coming to understand how biodiversity and water security are mutually reinforcing.”

Water in the Anthropocene is a 3-minute film charting the global impact of humans on the water cycle.

Evidence is growing that our global footprint is now so significant we have driven Earth into a new geological epoch — the Anthropocene.

Human activities such as damming and agriculture are changing the global water cycle in significant ways.

The data visualisation was commissioned by the Global Water Systems Project for a major international conference (Water in the Anthropocene, Bonn, Germany, 21-24 May, 2013).

World on course to run out of water

World on course to run out of water

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