World's biggest Titan beetle (2)

Titanus giganteus the Titan beetle, is the world’s biggest beetle, grows up to seven inches long and lives in the rainforests of South America.   Have a look at the videos…     Image Facebook

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The Titanus giganteus beetle despite its terrifying size and fearsome bite, that can easily snap a wooden pencil, it is entirely harmless to humans.

World's biggest Titan beetle (1)
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They live unobtrusively, deep in some of the world’s hottest tropical jungles, where the giant grubs recycle decaying wood below ground. The adults are active for a few weeks, seeking out a mate during the hottest and most humid time of the year.

The larvae have never been found, but are thought to feed inside wood and may take several years to reach full size before they pupate. Boreholes thought to be created by titan beetle larvae seem to fit a grub over two inches wide and perhaps as much as one foot long.

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