World's Fastest Elevator

The city of Guangzhou, China, is about to have the world’s fastest elevator. It will ascend 95 floors in just 43 seconds.   Image © popsci


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The 116-story CTF Finance Centre, the tallest building in Guangzhou, will featured the world’s fastest elevators.

The Hitachi elevators will travel at speeds of nearly 45 miles an hour.

For comparison, the elevators of Chicago’s Willis Tower travel at a little over 18 miles per hour.

Dr Gina Barney, an expert in lift technology, she told to the BBC:

“When you’re traveling that distance, you’re going to get pressures on your ears changing. That’s probably the most significant problem with high-speed travel in buildings – people suffer some pain.”

Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

A rendering of the Guangzhou CTF Finance Centre

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