World's first 1 MW Wave energy power plant 1

The world’s first 1 MW wave energy power plant by Australian wave energy company Oceanlinx, in Port MacDonnell, South Australia.

Images © Oceanlinx

Oceanlinx’s wave energy green technology works by high pressure air produced by waves, then converted into electricity by a turbine.

“The type of wave energy that Oceanlinx converts into electricity is a combination of the kinetic and potential energy of water particles. Waves cause the water particles to oscillate in elliptical paths, with the maximum kinetic energy happening as the height of the wave passes through the mean sea level. You can feel the constantly varying effect when floating in the surf zone, as it pulls you back and forward, and up and down.

Due to the earth’s rotation it means it is heated unevenly, which in turn causes winds to blow as they try to re-establish temperature equilibrium. As wind blows across the ocean, it imparts energy into the water, resulting in the ocean waves we see breaking onto the shore. As waves move towards the coast, they are referred to as “swell”. When they get close enough to shore to be affected by the bottom of the sea, they rear up into “breakers”, which is what surfers utilise. It is the ocean swell waves that are the best form of wave for Oceanlinx technology.”

World's first 1 MW Wave energy power plant 2

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source Oceanlinx