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World’s first climate-controlled city to be constructed in Dubai, announced by United Arab Emirates’ vice president and Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid.

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The vast Climate-Controlled City entitled ‘Mall of the World,’ a 48 million square foot project, will contain world’s largest shopping mall, large areas covered by a retractable glass dome, an indoor theme park, hotels and more.

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The world’s first temperature-controlled city, Mall of the World, located along Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai.
The project will also house the largest shopping mall in the world with an area of 8 million sq. ft., which will take the form of an extended retail street network, different to the typical shopping mall concept currently available in Dubai. Additional districts within the project will include a wellness dedicated zone catering to medical tourists, a cultural celebration district as well as a wide range of hospitality options comprising 20,000 hotel rooms catering to all types of tourists. Once completed, the City is projected to become a year-round destination, welcoming around 180 million visitors annually.

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