World's first drone delivery service 1

Sydney company Flirtey has teamed up with text book rental service Zookal to launch a book delivery service using hexacopters, drones with six rotors, to deliver study materials.   Take a look at the video…

They declared that “commercial drones are going to become as ubiquitous as aeroplanes”.

The new service will reduce postal costs and the location will be tracked by the recipient’s mobile phone.

Flirtey co-founder Matthew Sweeney in this movie about the initiative, said:

“Flirtey is the world’s first unmanned aerial vehicle delivery technology. We’re taking technology that was previously only available to the military and universities, democratising it and commercialising it so that anybody can order any goods or services and have them flown straight to their smartphone.

Currently in Australia same-day delivery by post cost eight to 20 [Australian] dollars. By Flirtey it will cost a fraction of that and the consumer won’t have to cover it because it will be included in the marketing budget of the companies that we partner with.”

World's first drone delivery service 2

World's first drone delivery service 3

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