Induction coffee machine

La Fenice is world’s first Electromagnetic Induction coffee machine, can instantly prepare a perfect Espresso and a perfect American filter coffee.

Since we started working in the coffee business we have looked with admiration at the 900’s Italian coffee maker, and have taken inspiration from that style of coffee machine. “La Fenice” is a tribute to the past with a futuristic viewpoint, dressed in a new outfit of aluminium, glass and wood.

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“We have engineered one of the most advanced PCB ever seen in a coffee machine. Our PCB perfectly controls the power of our electromagnetic induction heater but also controls temperature, pressure and flow rate. Unlike most other coffee makers measuring temperature at the surface of the boiler, “La Fenice” directly measures the temperature of the water itself thanks to an advanced NTC, resulting in higher precision. Perfectly controlling temperature, pressure and flow rate, La Fenice can automatically set all the parameters for a perfect espresso or a perfect American filter coffee.”

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