Prelude - Around the world

A giant natural gas refinery, world’s largest floating offshore facility, Prelude – Around the world, that Shell is building in Samsung’s Heavy Industries, in South Korea.  Watch the new video…

In the video you can take a look at some of the extraordinary highlights from Prelude – Around the world, the world first project to liquefy natural gas at sea.

It’s been a year of remarkable global achievements for Shell’s Prelude project. From the installation of the first processing module in South Korea to the construction of the largest turret ever built in Dubai.

Prelude - Around the world

Hundreds of engineers from across the world have combined their experience and expertise to design the world’s largest floating offshore facility. It will be used to help open up new natural gas fields at sea that are currently considered too costly or difficult to develop.

Shell is a pioneer in liquefied natural gas (LNG). Chilling gas to -162° Celsius (-260°F) turns it into liquid and shrinks its volume by 600 times, allowing it to be shipped to far-off towns and cities where the energy is needed.

We have five decades of experience in the LNG industry. Moving the production and processing out to sea where the gas is found is a major innovation that brings huge new energy resources within reach.


source Shell