Pollia condensata plant

A stunning tiny African berry has been registered as the most colorful biological species known to science. The small, metallic blue, spherical beads, that grows at Pollia condensata plant, can be found at the wider area of Ethiopia, Angola and Mozambique.   Image Credit: P. Moult

This African small blue fruit is hard as a rock and can’t be eaten. It only has a decorative use because its color stays intense for several years.

Pollia condensata plant

Image Credit: R. Faden

“Structural colors come about not by pigments that absorb light, but the way transparent material is arranged on the surface of a substance,” said physicist Ullrich Steiner of Cambridge University.

“This fruit is one of the first known examples in plants. We compared it with some other structural colors, such as the morpho butterfly wing, which is often described as the strongest structural color. This is stronger.”

Worlds Natural most Intense Color, Africa map

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