World's tallest vertical garden

Green Over Grey installed the world’s tallest indoor vertical garden at the Desjardins building of Levis in Quebec.    Take a look at the video…

The tallest living green wall in the world, called “The Currents”, complements an environmentally-conscious approach. The installation is inspired by views of the St. Lawrence River visible from Quebec City and Lévis. This new piece of work is 213 feet high (65 m), spans a total area of 2,139 square feet (198 sq m) and forms part of a broader refurbishment of the Desjardins offices. Green Over Grey is famous for record-breaking green installations like the largest and most biologically diverse living wall in North America at the Semiahmoo Public Library.

World's tallest vertical garden (3)

World's tallest vertical garden (2)

World's tallest vertical garden (1)

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