Wryst Airborne Luxury watch

The Wryst Airborne, a strong, stylish, colorful luxury watch, inspired by extreme sports, designed to withstand the toughest conditions.

Images © Wryst

The Wryst Airborne comes with a much more affordable price than most similar watches available on the market, at a price of $750.

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With a radical and disruptive style, Wryst offers exclusive timekeepers enhancing extreme & motor sports watches to extreme levels of strength and reliability.
The first collection “Airborne” is for the less unusual and comes with amazing specifications. The brand introduce for the first time a DLC coating (Diamond-Like Carbon), as tough as diamond and used for aerospace & F1 engine parts, and a crystal K1 stronger than sapphire for retail prices corresponding to “Accessible Luxury”. The groundbreaking case design and unique dial, through to vibrant colors combinations and tough materials suggest a redefinition of sports charisma. The Limited Edition of 75 numbered pieces adds more to the uniqueness of the exclusive models Airborne FW3, FW4 and FW5.

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