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The XSR Interceptor speedboat, is world’s most advanced performance, pursuit and patrol vessel. It’s one of the best boat for defense against criminals and pirates.

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The XSR Interceptor speedboat features a .50 caliber machine gun hidden under the deck, a fully composite monocoque structure, a shock absorbing seats for a comfortable riding in rough sea and an optimised high-speed hull hydrodynamics (58 to 80 knots).

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XSMG World is a privately owned, British boat design and manufacturing company, focused on producing a range of award winning and market leading very high speed light craft for the global military market.

“The XSR vessels range in length from 9m to 25m and are created and built to perform multiple roles in Interception, Interdiction, Insertion and Special Projects. They are lighter, faster, stronger and has greater capacity and endurance than any other vessel in its class. Fully systems integrated, and equipped with some of its major systems options, it will perform in the most exacting conditions, providing a unique and effective solution to waterborne threats.”

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“It has a significant role to play in modern Maritime Interdiction Operations (MIOPS) including maritime terrorism, illegal immigration, drug smuggling, piracy, border penetration and offshore critical asset protection. It is one of the most covert, powerful and ultimately capable high speed marine platforms available in the world today.”

“Equipped to remain on station with a crew of 4 systems operators and up to 20 troops (depending on selected vessel size and configuration) the boat can track a threat covertly for 24 to 72 hours, with a range of 600-1000nm. Powered by 2 or 3 inboard diesel engines with water jets or surface drives, it is capable of 60 to 80 knots.”

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