Yamaha Y125

The Yamaha Y125 is a modern interpretation of Yamaha’s first motorcycle, the YA-1. The bike uses the 125cc four-stroke motor, though the engine certainly seems to have been lightened and polished and beautified, and heaven knows what they’ve done with the internals.

Yamaha Y125 lightweight retro bike

Yamaha Y125 (2)

The Y125 uses what is by today’s standards, close to a bicycle frame with sophisticated lightweight suspension and similarly, the brakes are also featherweight. The result is a bike that tips the scales at 80 kg – just a tad more than half the original YA-1’s total.

Yamaha Y125 (1)

The lights are LED and the rear wheel is driven by a belt rather than a chain.

Yamaha Y125 (3)

via motorcycle-usa

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