Yanar Dag, translated as “the Fire Mountain”, is a natural gas fire which blazes continuously from subsurface, on the Absheron Peninsula on the Caspian Sea near Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.   Image credit: wikimedia.   Whatch the video…


Yanar Dag  is known as the “land of fire.” Flames jet out into the air 10 feet (3.0 m) from a thin, porous sandstone layer.

However a visual comparison of the photos of Yanar Dag compared to images of “Mud volcanoes”  will show the difference between this seep and the “sedimentary volcanoes” or “gas – oil volcanoes” concealed below land and sea in the Caspian region and which Azerbaijan has the largest concentration globally, though others exist in Turkey, Turkmenistan and elsewhere.

via theawesomer

source wikipedia


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