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The zero2infinity ‘Bloostar‘ nanosatellite launcher vehicle, uses high-altitude balloons with rockets balloons.

The zero2infinityBloostar‘ nanosatellite launches technical, scientific and commercial payloads, from the stratosphere, to over 30km altitude, the current operational activity.

zero2infinity using balloons for a nanosatellite launcher since 2009, is the logical and necessary next step to address this booming and underserved market. bloostar is our modular, efficient and sustainable launcher.

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Are you developing a microsatellite and looking for launch opportunities? Are current launch opportunities inconvenient for you? With bloostar, pick your launch date, pick your orbit and we will provide dedicated launch services to satisfy your mission requirements. Our innovative mission cycle makes us price competitive with secondary flight opportunities. We are ready to transform the launch industry for small payloads.

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Press release:

The Spanish company zero2infinity, based in Barcelona, known for its extensive Near-Space ballooning experience, announced it’s been working to expand its capabilities to include a nanosatellite launch vehicle, named bloostar, to offer reliable, dedicated, launch on demand for 21st century small satellites.

zero2infinity has been operating high-altitude balloons since 2009. Flying technical, scientific and commercial payloads to over 30km altitude is its current operational activity. Using balloons as a first-stage for a nanosatellite launcher is the logical and necessary next step to address this booming and underserved market.

José Mariano López-Urdiales, CEO and Founder of zero2infinity says: “Nanosatellites today need to fly as secondary payloads, and hitchhike their way into orbit. We have been working on the idea for bloostar for years. Now the technology on both the satellite and launch vehicle sides is mature enough to make it happen. Many new successful companies have business plans based on nanosatellites, like Skybox Imaging, but the dedicated launcher that they would need, doesn’t exist yet. The launch industry needs to be transformed and adapt to the real necessity of providing small payloads with the flexibility to pick their own orbit and their launch date. We believe bloostar, as the first orbital rockoon, is the solution for clean, cost-effective and sustainable Space access”.

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The rockoon concept presents tremendous advantages. The fact that the rocket does not need to travel through the denser parts of the atmosphere and that it ignites in close-to-vacuum conditions translates into lower drag, smaller gravity losses and much higher specific impulse due to the more effective use of nozzles. The simplicity of the system, with common elements and with no turbopumps, ensures the lowest unit cost for a dedicated microsatellite launch, comparable to what secondary payloads pay today to fly piggyback.

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