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Ziphius the first app-controlled aquatic drone that plays augmented reality games and shows autonomous behaviors.   Have a look at the video…

Ziphius is easy to play with. An app controlled drone that responds to your smartphone or tablet commands in real-time. It allows you to see more than meets the eye and take pictures or videos of your aquatic experiences.

Its processing power allows you to play augmented reality apps, where you can explore virtual worlds. Like a pet, it expresses its emotions and shows autonomous behaviors.

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 Ziphius- Aquatic Drone features:

  • FAST & POWERFUL: The turbines’ high performance make Ziphius a powerful being, fast like the wind, under ideal navigation conditions, it reaches up to 6 MPH.
  • HYDRODYNAMIC: The optimized design makes it fluid like water, enabling Ziphius to always stay upright.
  • LONG RANGE: The extra-sensory dorsal power scans the environment to find the matching signal from your smartphone or tablet. The WIFI range reaches 300 ft, depending on the environmental conditions and the WIFI performance of the users’ mobile device.
  • CURIOUS: A 160º tilting angle HD camera lets it see above and below the water level. Includes a LED flash light to enhance the vision in dark waters.
  • PLAYFUL: The user-friendly apps ensure great adventures. Autonomous behaviors make Ziphius smart enough to play catch or dance for you. Augmented Reality apps create enchanted gaming scenarios.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Ziphius is always taking pictures and videos to share with everyone. Upload your experiences directly to YouTube, Twitter or Facebook.
  • ADORABLY CUTE:  Its design is inspired by nature. Much like a pet, Ziphius mimics emotions through a set of programmable RGB led-light in its dorsal fin causing users to easily empathize with it

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