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Zoox Level 4 autonomous vehicle concept is a next generation vehicle, this is what comes after the car.

Zoox Level 4 is a term taken from a policy statement the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released on May 30, 2013. This document outlines a spectrum of mobility systems from the fully manual Level 0, through to Level 4 which is fully autonomous.

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We’ve asked “What does autonomous technology allow the car to become?”

This fundamentally different question leads to radically different conclusions. In the frame of autonomy, ideas that would never have worked suddenly do — like a vehicle with no headlights. Problems that were previously intractable become entirely irrelevant — like using smartphones while travel ling. Even the assumption that a vehicle requires reverse can be challenged.

With imagination flowing, we have arrived at a set of unique ideas that underpin how we think a Level 4 vehicle or ‘L4’ can function.

The entry profile of the vehicle is aerodynamic as a near teardrop, unattainable in a car due to the requirement for driver vision. The low profile roof line and absence of glass further lends itself to superior acoustic insulation. The side windows are thin, but double glazed, which enhances these properties. Because we don’t have the requirement for the passenger to be situationally aware of their exterior environment, we can shield external sound and light to enhance a sense of serenity and safety. This is a superior environment for interacting with voice-activated systems, watching youtube or conversing.

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