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Mysterious Ice Pancakes

Ice Pancakes

Mysterious Ice Pancakes, strange-looking formations that resemble frozen lily pads, found floating on a Scottish river.

By |December 20, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

New Insight from Old Snapshots of Greenland

Greenland glaciers

Scientists by analyzing old photographs from the early 1900s and comparing them with contemporary ones, have mapped the retreat of some Greenland glaciers.

By |December 18, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

Grand Canyon total Cloud inversion

Grand Canyon - Cloud inversion

A time-lapse video of the total cloud inversion that filled Grand Canyon on Thursday, December 11, 2014…

By |December 18, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

Humpback Whales Bubble Feeding

Humpback Whales

Aerial Drone Footage of large group of Humpback whales feeding in the Pristine waters of Alaska, from seagulls Point of View.   Watch the video…

By |December 16, 2014|Categories: Animals

Plankton-full and colorful Patagonian waters

Patagonian waters

Late spring and summer weather brings plankton (blooms) of color to the Atlantic Ocean off of South America’s Patagonian waters, from this satellite view.

By |December 12, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

A completely Clear Frozen Lake

Clear Frozen Lake

A rare phenomenon: the ice of the frozen mountain lake in High Tatras Mountains in Slovakia, is completely clear. The cameraman appears to float above the rocky bottom!   Watch the video…

By |December 12, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

Stormscapes 2- best storm video


In Stormscapes 2 time lapse project there is a little bit of everything: from rainbows to tornadoesWatch the video…

By |December 12, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

Owls can Swim!

Owl Swiming

It’s amazing how this owl swims! A great horned owl, after being attacked by a bunch of falcons, swims across Lake Michigan.   Watch the video…

By |December 10, 2014|Categories: Animals

Two Lands, Greenland – Iceland

Greenland  Iceland

“Two Lands – Greenland | Iceland” a timelapse that will make you want to visit them right now!    Watch the amazing video…

By |December 4, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

Spherical Underwater City holds up to 5000 people

Underwater City by Shimizu Corporation

A futuristic Spherical Underwater City designed by Shimizu Corporation, holds up to 5000 people, will harvest energy resources from the seabed.

By |November 26, 2014|Categories: Aquatic