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Dust and Clouds dance over Sahara

Dust and Clouds

More dust blows out of the Sahara Desert and into the atmosphere than from any other desert in the world, in this photo from the Space Station, and more than half of the dust deposited in the ocean lifts off from these arid North African lands.

By |September 22, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

Y-40 the deepest pool in the world

Y-40 the deepest pool

Located at Montegrotto Terme, Italy, Y40 is the deepest pool in the world, measuring 21 by 18 meters and has a depth of 40 meters.   Watch the videos…

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Babies will Keep Booming in This Century

increase population

Contrary to previous estimates, the world population will continue to increase in this century. A new report from the University of Washington claims that there is at an 80% chance that between 9.6 and 12.3 billion people will inhabit earth by 2100.

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Airborne Campaign on Climate Impacts in the Arctic

Campaign on Climate Impacts in the Arctic

The Arctic RadiationIceBridge Sea and Ice Experiment, or ARISE, is a new NASA airborne campaign to collect data on thinning sea ice and measure cloud and atmospheric properties in the Arctic.

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Woman becomes friends with an adorable Eel

Woman with an adorable Eel

Valerie Taylor Australian diver and shark expert, becomes friends with an adorable eel.   Take a look at the video…

By |September 18, 2014|Categories: Aquatic

Aurora over Maine


The most dramatic effects of the impacting plasma clouds, from active sunspots are auroras. Earlier this month active sunspot region 2158 rotated into view and unleashed a series of flares and plasma ejections into the Solar System.   Image © Jeremy P. Gray

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Stunning Deep sea Siphonophore

Deep sea Siphonophore

This beautiful Siphonophore colonial organism are made up of many smaller animals called zooids. Can be found floating around the pelagic zone in ocean basins around the world.   Watch the video…

By |September 17, 2014|Categories: Aquatic

The Science of Sunglint


At satellite imagery or astronaut photography, you have probably noticed bright patches of sunlight that can make certain bodies of water gleam with unusual color.

By |September 16, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

Manta Ray asks for diver’s help

Traped Manta Ray

Amazing! These divers came across this giant manta ray, that was wrapped in fishing net and set it free.    Watch the stunning video…

By |September 16, 2014|Categories: Animals, Aquatic

Mysterious mushroom shaped organisms found

Dendrogramma mushroom-shaped organisms

Mysterious mushroom shaped organisms found in the sea southeast of Australia, are rather cute and pretty.

By |September 15, 2014|Categories: Animals
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