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5-km-high Skyscraper

5-km-high Skyscraper

Skyscraper built from 3D-printed materials, could extend more than 5 km high.

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The amazing way they build a road at Australia

Look at the video the amazing way they build a road at Australia

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$1.9 billion new Stadium in Las Vegas

Designed for the American football team Oakland Raiders, this new stadium features a giant transparent roof.

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World’s fastest Elevator

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower, China’s tallest building, world’s fastest elevator that travels at a record-breaking 42.8mph.

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$10 Billion Renovation plan of JFK Airport

$10 Billion Renovation plan of JFK Airport

New York City’s biggest airport is about to receive a major renovation.

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Apple Campus 2 Christmas/New Years update

Apple Campus 2 ChristmasNew Years update

Take a stunning drone aerial tour of Apple Campus 2, as seen on Christmas day…

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Why Cities are where they are

Why cities are where they are in our planet?  Watch the video…

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World’s Highest Bridge opens in Southwest China

The world’s highest bridge, rising nearly 570 meters above a valley, opened in southwest China.  Watch the video…

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Spiraling Shanghai Planetarium

Spiraling Shanghai Planetarium

At the new 38,000 square meter Shanghai planetariummuseum, construction work is underway.

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Eden Project

Eden Project

The Eden Project, world’s biggest greenhouse, a breathtaking sight of bubble-like Biomes nestling in a former clay mine.

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