Army flies first Hoverbike prototype

Army flies first Hoverbike prototype

The Army Research Laboratory and industry partners demonstrated the flying capabilities of a unique hoverbike, rectangular-shaped quadcopter.

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World’s Biggest RC Helicopter

Watch in this video the world’s biggest remote controlled scale model turbine helicopter

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Exploring Drone Aerodynamics

How drones fly. NASA explore drone aerodynamics and releases amazing animation showing the airflow around it.

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Cormorant UAV self-flying robotic ambulance

Cormorant UAV self-flying robotic ambulance

The Cormorant UAV is a self-flying robotic ambulance, will be used to carry wounded soldiers.

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Breaking boundaries in new aircraft Engine designs

NASA and the aircraft industry are redesign the airplane, to improve fuel efficiency.

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Successful Micro-Drone swarm launch

Micro-Drone swarm launch from F-18

F/A-18 Super Hornets successfully unleash a swarm of mini-drones.

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Hübschhorn East ridge Drone Flyover

Watch this amazing Hübschhorn East ridge, Simplon pass, Switzerland, drone flyover...

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An amazing performance by a MiG-29

Watch in the video, from the inside, an amazing performance by a MiG-29 Fulcrum

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Flight Deck Fail

Look what happens when you are too close to the exhaust on an EA-6B prowler during catapult launch…

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Jetman and Wingwalkers

Jetman Dubai and the Breitling Wingwalkers, in an aerobatic formation

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