A visualization that perfectly explains Global Warming

A summary of global temperature spiral, showing in a very clear way the climate change.   Take a look at the visualization about Global Warming…

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A Message from the World’s Astronauts to COP21

A simple message of solidarity from our astronauts on ISS, with hope to combat climate change and reach our political leaders during such a crucial time.

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Bill Nye explains everything about Climate Change

The Science Guy, Bill Nye, explains what causes climate change, how it affects Earth, why we need to act promptly to mitigate its effects, and how each of us can contribute to a solution.   Watch the video…

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All the GOP Anti-Climate Change Arguments and why they’re wrong

In this video you will find some of the highlight reel of anti-climate change arguments, and what the experts have to say about them…

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NASA confirms that Solar Wind stripped Martian Atmosphere

The key role in the transition of the Martian climate from an early, warm and wet environment that might have supported surface life, to the cold, arid planet Mars is today, explained by NASA.

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World’s first personal air conditioner

Evapolar first personal air conditioner, cools, humidifies and cleans the air creating your local perfect microclimate.

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Floating Blue 21 ecosystem

Floating Blue 21 ecosystem, a proposed solution, to the increasing temperatures through climate change, rapid urbanization, rising demands for food and biofuel and pollution.

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A different Global Digital Map of Seafloor

A global digital map of seafloor, will help scientists to better understand and predict climate change.

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Rainfall accumulation on the United States- timelapse

This visualization shows a heavy rainfall throughout Northern Texas and across Oklahoma as well as the drought in Southern California, by NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission. Watch the timelapse…

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Explaining Climate Change so everyone can understand

Bill Nye, or favorite ‘Science Guy,’ is back to explain climate change using a language everyone can understand.   Take a look at the video…

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