The Precision-R project motorbike

The stylish Precision-R project motorbike, the latest from Thunderbike, has custom Frame-Kit and original Thunderbike Monoblock wheels.

A gun attachment that could save lives

This attachment for a gun that looks like a toy, is intended to give suspicious a chance to live if shot.   Watch the video…

BASE jump into the unknown

Watch GoPro athlete Marshall Miller BASE jumps into the foggy unknown in Lauterbrennen, Switzerland.   Take a look at the video…

Aston Martin Vulcan

Aston Martin Vulcan revealed, limited edition supercar, 7.0-litre V12, more than 800 hp. Officially unveiled at Geneva Motor Show next month.

Gigantic Black Hole 12 billion times more massive than our Sun

A gigantic black hole at the heart of the brightest quasar in the early universe discovered, 12 billion times more massive than our sun.

Beam- the smart projector

Beam smart projector that fits in any light socket, controlled by your smartphone or tablet and assists you in your daily activities.

Leica M-P 240 Set Safari edition camera

Leica M-P 240 Set Safari olive edition camera, it’s a limited production set with Leica Summicron-M 35mm lens.

New mysterious craters found in Siberia

Dozens of new mysterious craters found in Siberia, in northern Russia.   Above, the B1 Yamal hole, by a helicopter flyover in 2014.

New Porsche 717 EV will compete Tesla

Porsche is working on a new electric vehicle, the Porsche 717 EV, to compete the great success of Tesla S.

How much Saharan Dust feeds Amazon’s plants

For the first time, a NASA satellite has quantified in three dimensions the amounts of dust that makes a trans-Atlantic journey… How much Saharan dust feeds Amazon’s plants.   Watch the video…

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