• The last batch of sawnwood from the peat forest

Humans have killed half the World’s Trees

By |September 4, 2015|

Based on a new study, since the start of human civilization, the global number of trees has fallen by approximately 46%!

  • Teqball new game (4)

Teqball new game

By |September 4, 2015|

Teqball is a new game that combines the sports of table tennis and soccer, ideal for small spaces.  Watch Teqball in the video…

  • BB-8 new 'Star Wars' toy (1)

BB-8 new ‘Star Wars’ toy

By |September 4, 2015|

This is Sphero BB-8, an amazing small working version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, new BB-8 droid.   Watch the video…

  • POD interconnected Tents (5)

POD interconnected Tents

By |September 4, 2015|

POD Tents revolutionary camping tent design, allowing to build a small community of tents, using interconnected walkways.

  • Blasting asteroids with Laser away from Earth

Blasting asteroids with Laser away from Earth

By |September 4, 2015|

Watch how scientists could blast asteroids away from Earth using laser weapon.   Take a look at the experiment in the video…

  • Ship in Storm

Ships in Storm videos

By |September 4, 2015|

Ships in Storm videos…

  • world’s most powerful digital camera

Construction start’s for the world’s most powerful digital camera

By |September 4, 2015|

The 3.2-gigapixel, world’s largest digital camera, at the heart of the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), approved by the Department of Energy to start construction.

  • Viks carbon fiber bicycle (8)

Viks carbon fiber bicycle

By |September 3, 2015|

Viks created this stunning carbon fiber bicycle to celebrate its second year.

  • Peacelet Life-Saving Bracelet

Peacelet Life-Saving Bracelet

By |September 3, 2015|

Peacelet life-saving bracelet worn on the wrist, provide antidotes to venom snakebites, mushroom ingestion and bee stings.

  • Dreadnought 2050 the Warship of the Future (11)

The Warship of the Future

By |September 3, 2015|

Armed with lasers, print their own drones, holograms, defending anti-ship missiles coming from space, this how a mid-21st-century warship will look like…

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