New 4D Batman Roller Coaster

4D Batman Roller Coaster

New 4D Batman Six Flags roller coaster premiering in 2015, will be most exciting coaster in the park’s 22-year history.   Watch the video…

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Holometer Microscope into Space and Time

Holometer Microscope

A newly developed instrument called the Fermilab Holometer has begun operating at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Fermilab) near Chicago, Illinois, USA.   Image © Fermilab

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Paratrooper landed on another chute


Russian paratrooper landed on another canopy and soon they become entangled. Luckily, their chutes were able to bring them safely to the ground.    Watch the video…

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Crazy Ant behavior of Collective Intelligence

Ant behavior

In the stunning video you will see a crazy ant behavior of collective intelligence, when transformed into a chain to pull a dead millipede.   Watch the amazing video…

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World’s fastest Electric motorcycle

Killajoule Electric motorcycle

The ‘Killajoule‘ became world’s fastest electric sidecar motorcycle, built and driven by Eva Håkansson, by reaching a top speed of 389.219 km/h.   Watch the video…

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An interactive world map with photos taken from the ISS

A map with photos taken from the ISS

In this superb interactive world map you can find a collection of 650 photos taken by astronauts, aboard the International Space Station (ISS).   Watch the map…

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The High Arctic

High Arctic

A short film showing off the majesty of the landscape of the high Arctic. Experience amazing aerial footage over sea ice, ice caps and glaciers as well as stunning mountain landscapes.   Watch the video…

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Apple Campus 2 construction by flying drone

Apple Campus

Apple ‘spaceship’ campus 2 construction caught on video by flying drone, showing the progress of the huge construction.   Watch the video…

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Revolutionary Head-Up Display to avoid collisions in poor-visibility

Revolutionary head up display

A revolutionary Head-Up Display to help drivers avoid collisions in poor-visibility, alerts drivers to the whereabouts of other cars in dense fog, is being developed developed at GCU.

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An unmanned F-16 performs as an aerial target

Remote-controlled F-16

Boeing’s unmanned QF-16, a modified version of the F-16 Fighting Falcon designed to be controlled remotely, performs for the first time as an aerial target.   Watch the video…

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