How Airbus A350A is made

Behind-the-Scenes video of the incredible engineering of an A350 being built, at Airbus headquarters and facilities.

Mysterious Ice Pancakes

Mysterious Ice Pancakes, strange-looking formations that resemble frozen lily pads, found floating on a Scottish river.

World’s first Wingsuit High Five

Sammy Rohan jumps with wingsuit from a cliff in Chamonix, France… He flies so close to the ground, that he high-five a big yellow hand.

Ghost Ship in Amsterdam canal

Ghost Ship by VisualSKIN has been selected for Water Colors, the boat route of Amsterdam Light Festival 2014-2015.

A tank cut in half

A tank cut in half. A cutaway of Leopard I tank, the first line of defense against the Soviets.

Fire – Warrior

The Fire – Warrior is a fire extinguisher featuring a sensor that recognizes when there is a fire and is getting ready for use.

The Porsche Macan Magic Mirror

Through the use of cutting-edge software and technology, Porsche created a Magic Mirror transforming any car into the new Porsche Macan.

3D-printed structural components will result in new Building Shapes

3D-printed structural components will result in “new building shapes,” and more efficient and diverse architectural forms.   Watch the video…

Cool Animated Optical Illusions

Brusspup’s cool animated optical illusions. In the video, clever designed images, creating amazing movement…

Inflatable Space Habitats will go for iaunch next summer

NASA, working with Bigelow Aerospace to send next year the Bigelow Expandable Activity Module (BEAM) at the International Space Station.

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