• Light Pillars over Alaska

Light Pillars over Alaska

Feb 8, 2016|

This nearby beautiful rare phenomenon that can appear as a distant one, are not auroras but light pillars.  Image credit Allisha Libby

  • Eagles to catch Drones

Training Eagles to catch Drones

Feb 8, 2016|

Take a look at the video, eagles being trained to catch drones in the Netherlands…

  • 'Secret Meeting of the Silent Creatures' by Toshiki Hirano (5)

‘Secret Meeting of the Silent Creatures’ Museum proposal in Finland

Feb 8, 2016|

‘Secret Meeting of the Silent Creatures’ proposal by Japanese designer Toshiki Hirano, for a Museum in Finland.

  • how much money the giant Technology Firms are making

Watch Live how much money the top Technology Firms are making

Feb 8, 2016|

Battle of the Internet Giants. Watch live how much money the top technology firms like Apple, Google, Facebook, are making every second.

  • Golf Robot

Watch this Golf Robot making a hole-in-one

Feb 8, 2016|

Golf robot makes hole-in-one on No. 16 at TPC Scottsdale. Is capable of replicating any golf swing up to 130 mph and he talks!

  • Electric 'bullet car' Venturi VBB-3 (7)

Electric ‘bullet car’ set to reach 370mph

Feb 8, 2016|

The spectacular electric ‘bullet car’ Venturi VBB-3, set to reach 370mph in latest speed record-breaking attempt.

  • Northrop Grumman 6th-Generation Fighter

Northrop Grumman reveals 6th-Generation Fighter

Feb 8, 2016|

Northrop Grumman reveals details on its vision for America’s 6th-Generation Fighter.    Watch it on the video…

  • Horrifying NYC Crane Collapse Caught on video

Horrifying NYC Crane Collapse Caught on video

Feb 7, 2016|

A giant crane collapse, by strong winds in downtown Manhattan, New York City, on Friday morning.   Watch the video…

  • Centriphone - an iPhone video experiment

Centriphone – an iPhone video experiment

Feb 7, 2016|

Centriphone, a video experiment shot with an iPhone 6, swinging around your head, for a truly unique footage…

  • Hockey Tricks

Amazing Hockey Tricks

Feb 6, 2016|

Watch in this video of hockey players, the way they control their bodies, and the amazing speed that they reacting…

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