Apple Campus 2 construction by flying drone

Apple Campus

Apple ‘spaceship’ campus 2 construction caught on video by flying drone, showing the progress of the huge construction.   Watch the video…

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Revolutionary Head-Up Display to avoid collisions in poor-visibility

Revolutionary head up display

A revolutionary Head-Up Display to help drivers avoid collisions in poor-visibility, alerts drivers to the whereabouts of other cars in dense fog, is being developed developed at GCU.

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An unmanned F-16 performs as an aerial target

Remote-controlled F-16

Boeing’s unmanned QF-16, a modified version of the F-16 Fighting Falcon designed to be controlled remotely, performs for the first time as an aerial target.   Watch the video…

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Bioluminescence firework by Cardinal fish

Bioluminescence firework

Physicist and BBC presenter Helen Czerski uncovers an amazing light phenomenon, a bioluminescence firework that issues when a cardinal fish swallows ostracods. “It’s like a little fish firework.”   Watch the video…

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nCycle e-bike is here


nCycle e-bike featuring integrated locking, folding and pocket systems, has move to a prototype phase and the company is accepting pre-orders.

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DeepFlight Dragon Submarine

DeepFlight Dragon (6)

DeepFlight is the first hover-capable personal Submarine, so easy to pilot, that creates a new area in the sea tourism market.

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ITD ProTec Bikewear Technology

Stott ITD ProTec

Scott is developing ITD ProTec Bikewear Technology for shorts and jerseys, reinforced using one of a kind blend of carbon fiber and ceramics, so they resist if the rider ends up sliding across the street.   Watch the video…

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High-Speed Canyon Jet Ski

Canyon Jet Ski

Jet skiing in high-speed through an extreme narrow water-filled canyon, on Lake Powell.   Watch the video…

By |August 31, 2014|Categories: Aquatic, Sports

Your Brain On Coffee


How does the world’s favorite drug, coffee, actually work?   Take a look at the video…

By |August 31, 2014|Categories: Physics

Milky Way over Yellowstone

Milky Way and the Yellowstone

In this stunning picture you can see the Milky Way and the Silex Spring, a colorful pool of water about 10 meters across, located in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming, USA.      Image © Dave Lane

By |August 30, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena
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