Bloodhound Supersonic Car 650mph Desert Comms Test

Bloodhound team that will attempt to break the world land speed record of 1000 MPH (1,609km/h), is testing the cars comms in South Africa.   Watch the video…

Leidy Glacier in Greenland

Leidy Glacier located in the northwest corner of Greenland, is fed by ice from the Academy Glacier (upstream and inland). Image taken by Terra satellite.

Windseeker Hydroptere

Windseeker Hydroptere, overall length 74,7 ft, max speed 56 knots!   Watch the video…

The biggest animated GIF viewed from space

Grafitti artist INSA created the biggest ever animated GIF, viewed from a satellite in space, in Rio de Janeiro.   Watch the video…

Creating Super-Hydrophobic materials

Scientists make metal so super-hydrophobic, so waterproof, that droplets simply bounce off.   Watch the video…

Betri Concept Bike

Betri minimalist lightweight concept bike, built with hydroformed aluminum profiles and carbon fiber.

New York subway cars are dumped into the Atlantic

New York subway cars are being hurled into the Atlantic, to create artificial reefs for millions of fish.

Iceberg Flipped Over

Filmmaker and photographer Alex Cornell, during a trip in Antarctica, captured a very unusual sight, an impressive iceberg flipped over!

Porsche 919 Hybrid 2015

Porsche 919 Hybrid LMP1 2015 race car takes to the track and has successfully completed a 4000 km test.

Venus and young Moon on January 21

Venus, young Moon, Mercury and Mars! A beautiful series of photographs of the sky just after sunset on January 21, 2015!   The Parthenon, the moon just as it was becoming visible and Venus, on January 21, 2015, in Athens, Greece.  Credit Nikolaos Pantazis

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