Jaguar XF performs high-wire water crossing

Jaguar new XF performs world longest, high-wire water crossing of the river Thames.   Watch the video…

Super Yacht passing above a major Highway

The incredible “Symphony” 101.5 meters super yacht, passing the Gouwe aqueduct in Gouda, The Netherlands during her transport from Kaag to Rotterdam.

Moon shadow during Solar Eclipse from an airplane

Timelapse footage of the moon shadow seen from an airplane, flying along the umbra path of the solar eclipse of 20th March 2015.  Watch the video…

Freightliner Hybrid SuperTruck

The Freightliner hybrid SuperTruck’s features innovative energy management-optimized hardware and software, it’s actually 115% better than the average big trucks on the road now.

Affordable studio made by shipping containers

A proposal architect James Whitaker for a low-cost studio space in Germany, made by a cluster of shipping containers.

Spheres. Perspectives in Precision & Poetry for BMW

‘Spheres. Perspectives in Precision & Poetry’ by designer Alfredo Häberli, an installation that he will present for BMW on the occasion of Milan Design week 2015.

Bionic ants team up to move objects

Bionic insects with cameras and sensors, work together as a team, are here to improve factory robotics.   Watch the video…

A Taste of Austria – timelapse

A spectacular timelapse, an amazing edited footage about beautiful Austria.   Watch the video…

Ferrari LaFerrari Nurburgring with powerslides

Wildly powerful hybrid Ferrari LaFerrari at Nurburgring, world’s most famous race track.   Watch the video…

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