• Vertical Takeoff MiG-29

Breathtaking Vertical Takeoff MiG-29

An amazing powerful vertical takeoff. MiG-29, an old bird in an incredible flight display.

By |July 29, 2015|
  • Ferrari 488 Spider (6)

Beautiful Ferrari 488 Spider

Ferrari just unveiled the 488 Spider, its most powerful ever mid-rear-engined V8 car, introducing the RHT (Retractable Hard Top).

By |July 29, 2015|
  • A solar prominence erupts in August 2012

A new Material with highest record Melting Point

Scientists using powerful computer simulations, they found a new material with a higher melting point than any known substance.

By |July 29, 2015|
  • World record semi truck jump

World record semi truck jump!

Take a look at the amazing world record semi truck jump…

By |July 29, 2015|
  • Dalian house by Preliminary Research Office (8)

Dalian house by Preliminary Research Office

The two-story tall residence ‘Dalian house,’ is a conceptual design with a futuristic sculptural form.

By |July 29, 2015|
  • Avatar

The History of Aliens in Film

Aliens in Film appeared from the earliest cinematic days. In Georges Méliès’s “A Trip to the Moon” in 1902, our conception of life beyond Earth has changed.  Extraterrestrial life change over nearly 100 films and 112 years…

By |July 29, 2015|
  • TrackerPad - Sticky GPS tracker pad (5)

TrackerPad – Sticky GPS tracker pad

TrackerPad sticky GPS tracker, it’s so small, can be hide in you items and helps you find them when lost them.

By |July 29, 2015|
  • SILVER FAST superyacht by Burgess (12)

SILVER FAST superyacht

The 77m SILVER FAST superyacht, is the world’s largest and fastest aluminum motor yacht with conventional propulsion, long-range cruising capability of 20-22 knots and speeds in excess of 27 knots.

By |July 28, 2015|
  • Dogs

The Science of Dogs

Dog. Man and woman’s best friend! Find out some interesting details…

By |July 28, 2015|
  • Aetho GoPro Handheld Video Stabilizer

Aetho GoPro Handheld Video Stabilizer

Aétho GoPro handheld 3-axis electronic stabilizer, is the ideal cinematic tool to create smooth videos like a pro.

By |July 28, 2015|

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