Rush Hour

Rush Hour

Rush Hour, a digitally composed impossibly crowded footage of traffic, at a busy intersection.   Watch the video…

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UFO and CR-design awarded the highest prize in Skyscraper competition

Cloud citizen project

UFO and CR-design awarded highest prize in Shenzhen Super City Skyscraper competition for the ‘Cloud citizen.’

By |September 17, 2014|Categories: Architecture

Philips BlueTouch provide Wireless Pain Relief

Philips BlueTouch

Philips connected BlueTouch and PulseRelief provide wireless pain relief, by controlling personal treatment to relieve pain, from an iPhone or iPad.

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Stunning Deep sea Siphonophore

Deep sea Siphonophore

This beautiful Siphonophore colonial organism are made up of many smaller animals called zooids. Can be found floating around the pelagic zone in ocean basins around the world.   Watch the video…

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Boeing and SpaceX will ferry astronauts to Space Station

Boeing and SpaceX

NASA has announced that both Boeing‘s CST-100 capsule and SpaceX‘s Dragon V2 will ferry American astronauts to the International Space Station from 2017 onward.

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Aeropress Pressure Coffee Brewer


Aeropress pressure brewer uses a fast and convenient way to hand make a rich cup of coffee.

By |September 17, 2014|Categories: Product Design

Alen Yacht 68 by Foster and Partners

Alen Yacht 68 (16)

Alen Yacht has joined forces with international architects Foster + Partners to create the Alen 68 luxury motorboat .

By |September 17, 2014|Categories: Boats

Comparison of optical Telescope primary mirrors- infographic

Comparison of optical Telescopes

An impressive infographic comparison of optical telescope primary mirrors since 1893, to the European Extremely Large 39 meter Telescope at Cerro Armazones, in Chile, planned for 2022.

By |September 16, 2014|Categories: Astronomy, Technology news

The Science of Sunglint


At satellite imagery or astronaut photography, you have probably noticed bright patches of sunlight that can make certain bodies of water gleam with unusual color.

By |September 16, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena

A Probe will study Earth’s Forests in 3-D

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI)

A laser-based instrument called GEDI, developed for the International Space Station, will give a unique 3-D view of Earth’s forests, helping to fill in missing information about their role in the carbon cycle.

By |September 16, 2014|Categories: Space
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