Celebrating 150 years of Climbing

ascent of the Matterhorn

Mammut Key Visual shooting in Zermatt for the 150 years jubilee in 2015 of the first ascent of the Matterhorn, one of the highest peaks in the Alps.   Watch the video…

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GIGABay and Ceres G Space Tourism Team

GIGABay and Ceres G Space

GIGABay and Ceres G Space Tourism Team is an impressive proposal from Oscar Vinals, a big cargo plane that can hold up to three spaceships.

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Dust and Clouds dance over Sahara

Dust and Clouds

More dust blows out of the Sahara Desert and into the atmosphere than from any other desert in the world, in this photo from the Space Station, and more than half of the dust deposited in the ocean lifts off from these arid North African lands.

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Y-40 the deepest pool in the world

Y-40 the deepest pool

Located at Montegrotto Terme, Italy, Y40 is the deepest pool in the world, measuring 21 by 18 meters and has a depth of 40 meters.   Watch the videos…

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New Oculus Rift prototype

Crescent Bay Oculus Rift

Crescent Bay is the new Oculus Rift prototype headset. It has built-in audio, it’s lighter and is on the path to the consumer version of the Rift.

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Next generation Skintight Spacesuits

Skintight Spacesuits

A next generation skintight spacesuit will help mankind explore space. The MIT BioSuit, improving astronaut mobility by reducing mass compared to existing gas-pressurized models.

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eTricks Evolution e-bike

R01 eTricks Evolution

The R01 eTricks Evolution e-bike is perfect for the practice of freeride, in discreet ways thanks to its quiet functioning. It’s closer to a bike than to a motorbike.   Watch the videos…

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This is a detailed catalogue of the visible Milky Way

detailed catalogue of the visible Milky Way

A new catalogue of the visible part of the northern part of our home Galaxy, the Milky Way, includes no fewer than 219 million stars.

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The Evolution of iOS

Apple iOS

The evolution of iOS infographic shows a timeline of every Apple‘s iPhone system, with the changes that have been made from iOS 1 to iOS 8.

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Babies will Keep Booming in This Century

increase population

Contrary to previous estimates, the world population will continue to increase in this century. A new report from the University of Washington claims that there is at an 80% chance that between 9.6 and 12.3 billion people will inhabit earth by 2100.

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