• Eff You See Eye by Specialized (7)

Eff You See Eye by Specialized

By |September 1, 2015|

This is an exceptional concept e-bike named ‘Eff You See Eye’ or ‘fUCI,’ a personal project from the creative director Robert Egger of Specialized.

  • Mad Max Fury Road, in Hieroglyphs

Mad Max- Fury Road, in Hieroglyphs

By |August 31, 2015|

Mad Max: Fury Road, the movie retold through hieroglyphics, from Japanese artist Takumi.

  • Three Category 4 hurricanes at the same time (4)

Three Category 4 hurricanes at the same time

By |August 31, 2015|

Three Category 4 hurricanes have just hit at the same time, at the same area, in the Pacific Ocean.

  • Exploride Heads-Up Car Display (5)

Exploride Heads-Up Car Display

By |August 31, 2015|

With Exploride Heads-Up Car Display you can use maps, listen to music, call, text or access infotainment.

  • Furoshiki Shoes (5)

Furoshiki Shoes wrap around your feet

By |August 31, 2015|

Furoshiki by Vibram, light, advanced and colorful shoes, wrap around your feet and are very comfortable.   Watch the video…

  • Zaha Hadid Tokyo's National Stadium (10)

Zaha Hadid releases new report on Tokyo’s National Stadium

By |August 31, 2015|

Zaha Hadid Architects launches campaign as a response to the recent news that plans for the New National Stadium in Tokyo would “start from zero.”

  • White Pearl largest luxury sailing yacht

White Pearl largest luxury super sailing yacht

By |August 31, 2015|

Russian billionaire designs “White Pearl,” luxury super sailing yacht, with world’s tallest yacht masts and sails the size of a football field.

  • T-38C aircraft flying at supersonic speeds

Supersonic Shock Waves

By |August 31, 2015|

NASA and the United States Air Force recently released what’s called a “schlieren” image of the shock wave, a massive update to a 150-year-old German photography technique,  from a USAF Test Pilot School T-38C aircraft flying at supersonic speeds over the Mojave Desert.

  • Rising Seas from Space

Watching Rising Seas from Space

By |August 31, 2015|

NASA satellites measured the planet’s changing sea levels from 1992 to 2014. Since 1992, seas around the world have risen an average of nearly 3 inches.   Watch the video…

  • DC10 tanker carrying fire retardant

Photographer gets doused in fire retardant

By |August 30, 2015|

Photographer Eric Jensen and reporter Steve McCaron were covering (for KOMO) an advancing wildfire in the town of Chelan, when a DC10 tanker carrying fire retardant flew overhead, soaking them in the red liquid.

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