Rolls Royce Phantasm concept

The futuristic Rolls Royce Phantasm concept, a great looking grand touring coupe, nothing like any Rolls Royce ever built.

The Warm Glow of Mach 3

This image from 1971 (!), the YF-12 forebody’s radiant heating system is being tested under conditions experienced at Mach 3, or three times the speed of sound, over 2,000 miles an hour.

Hydro bike by Imran Othman

The stylish Hydro bike by Imran Othman, the slim unibody motorbike, designed to be powered by hydrogen.

Can You Erase Bad Memories?

What if you could delete specific memories?   Watch the video…

The manufacturing strategy of BMW group

The manufacturing strategy of BMW group, has created production facilities with robots, that assist humans developing digital applications for automotive creation of the near future.

USS North Dakota, America’s new super Submarine

USS North Dakota, America’s new super submarine, after five years of construction, is ready to set sail and this Virginia-class sub is not like the others…

HP Sprout 3D-scanning PC

HP launched a new type of computer called Sprout, that combines 3D-scanning PC and a projector into one machine.   Watch the video…

Flight to Venus

Shown above is a UPS MD-11 jet caught in front of the Sun during the 2012 transit of Venus, the black dot on the right side of the solar disk.    Image © Bob Fugate; Bob’s Web site

Unmanned Antares Rocket Explodes on liftoff

Orbital Science’s Antares rocket explodes seconds after liftoff, at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport at Wallops Island, Virginia.   Watch the video…

Belt scooter

The Belt-scooter concept by Adam Torok transforms from a belt to mode of transport.

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