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200-meter-tall Pyramid like Skyscraper in Egypt

Pyramid like Skyscraper in Egypt

Egypt will build a 200-meter Pyramid like Skyscraper, which would be the nation’s highest tower.

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London’s Battersea Bridge competition

London’s Battersea Bridge Competition is a Symbol of the City

These are the nine amazing proposals for London’s Battersea Bridge Competition, a Symbol of a Divided City…

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Frozen Fortress

Ice Castles in Lincoln

Frozen Fortress, the amazing handmade ice structures of Ice Castles in Lincoln, New Hampshire, an impressive video made by filmmakers Michael Sutton and Julian Tryba.   Take a look at the video…

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Dom’Up new suspension style cabin

suspension style cabin

Dom’Up new suspension style cabin, the first platform for arboreal life with no impact on the trees and the environment.

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L’air nouveau de Paris by Planning Korea

L’air nouveau de Paris by Planning Korea

‘L’air nouveau de Paris’ (‘The new air of Paris’) proposal by Planning Korea, for ‘Reinvent Paris’ initiative.

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Star Axis- the naked eye Observatory

Star Axis Observatory

Star Axis naked eye Observatory located near Chaco park, New Mexico, a masterpiece created on 1976 by artist Charles Ross.

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BIODIVER[CITY] huge observation floating platform

Huge observation floating platform

BIODIVER[CITY] a huge observation floating platform that’s accessed from the surface via boat, letting visitors view ocean’s wildlife.

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New Beijing world’s largest airport Terminal

Beijing new airport Terminal

The concept design for  the new Beijing world’s largest airport terminal building’ in Daxing, unveiled by Zaha Hadid and ADPI.

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Spend a night at 9,000ft in the air

A room suspended above the French Alps

You can stay in a room suspended above the French Alps, spend a night at 9,000ft in the air, above the snowy mountains! This is how…

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The evolution of technology in the real world

The evolution of technology illustrations

The evolution of technology in the real world illustrations by Evgeny Kazantsev, for the annual calendar of Gefest Insurance Company.

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