First 21 days of Bee’s Life in 60 seconds

Bee’s Life

The first 21 days of a bee’s life in just 60 seconds, captured in this impressive video by photographer Anand Varma.


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The amazing Deep Sea creatures of Puerto Rico

Deep Sea creatures of Puerto Rico

Explorers from NOAA just captured amazing images of deep sea creatures off the coast of Puerto Rico.   Watch the video…


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Where is the fish?

fish camouflage

Yes there is a fish here! When it stops, it disappears! Watch in the video the amazing fish camouflage


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Tortoise gets wheels in place of injured legs

Tortoise gets wheels

Mrs. T, a roughly 90-year-old tortoise whose legs were eaten by rats while she was hibernating, gets prosthetic wheels.   Watch the amazing video…


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Billions of Weird Blue Jellyfish washed ashore on the West Coast

Blue Jellyfish washed ashore

Billions of small, blue jellyfish-like creatures called “by-the-wind sailors” have washed ashore on the West Coast.


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Dolphin Intelligence


When one of Earth’s smartest creatures vocalizes, it fuels a heated debate among scientists: Are dolphins actually speaking a complex languageImage © Brian Skerry/National Geographic


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Discovered real-life Kermit the Frog species

Real-life Kermit the Frog species

Kermit the Frog discovered in real life in Costa Rica, it’s bright green, has big white eyeballs and it’s a species of glassfrog.


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Bobcat is dragging a Shark out of the surf

Bobcat is dragging a Shark

John Bailey captures this amazing image of a bobcat dragging a shark out of the surf, in Vero Beach, Florida.


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World record Eagle flight in Dubai

Eagle flight in Dubai

An amazing world record was set by an eagle named Darshan, that flew from 2,700ft., the top of the Burj Khalifa, tallest building in the world, in Dubai.   Take a look at the video…


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This is how Chameleons change Color


Scientists discover that Photonic crystals cause active colour change in chameleons.   Watch the videos…


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