Pets are treated as People and it affects Laws

Pets are treated as People

According to David Grimm findings in new book Citizen Canine, cats and dogs are treated more like humans than ever before and as a result they are given greater social and legal status.

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Why Zebras Have Stripes


The reason that zebras have stripes has been a mystery for some time.  Is it for camouflage?  To keep cool?  To attract mates?  To make them look thin?  Actually, it’s none of the above.    Image © wikimedia

By |April 4, 2014|Animals|

Beco plays Water Polo

Beco young elephant

The adorable young elephant Beco, to celebrate turning 5-years-old, he shows off his water polo skills, the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. What happens when Beco plays ball?   Watch the video to find out!

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How dogs react to Magic?

dog react to Magic

Do dogs react to magic? Watch as magician & mentalist Jose Ahonen vanished some dog treats under their noses.

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The joy of Life – two legged boxer Duncan Lou Who

 two legged boxer

Watch the two legged boxer Duncan Lou Who, enjoying his first trip to the beach. World famous and inspirational two legged boxer puppy goes to the beach for the first time.   Take a look at the video…

By |April 1, 2014|Animals|

Swarming Fireflies time-lapse

Swarming Fireflies

A time-lapses of fireflies at Lake of the Ozarks by Vincent Brady. He made this video using several different cameras and 360-degree panoramas…

By |March 31, 2014|Animals|

Crow solves an 8 step puzzle!

Clever Crow

This Is really amazing: crow solves an 8-step puzzle to get food!    Watch the video…

By |March 30, 2014|Animals|

‘Seaweed’ is the first word from a Dolphin ever Translated


Dr. Denise Herzing, founder of the Wild Dolphin Project in Florida, created the Cetacean Hearing and Telemetry (CHAT) in order to translate dolphin whistles.   Dolphins gesture language.   Image © wikimedia

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Octopus intelligence


Are octopuses intelligent? We made the octopus’ intelligence undergo three tests: plasticity, versatility and flexibility. The stimulus is its favourite prey: the crab.   Watch the video, the octopus opens the jar…

By |March 28, 2014|Animals|

Meat lovers are driving wildlife to extinction

wild life to extinction

The status of animals like wolves and bears is endangered when people are eating meat according to a new campaign launched by the Center for Biological Diversity called “Take Extinction Off Your Plate”.

By |March 26, 2014|Animals|
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