Solar Impulse to attempt a round-the-world Solar-Powered flight

Solar Impulse 2

The Solar Impulse 2 is set to fly around the world with no fuel, only by solar power and it is so efficient it could remain in the air forever.

By |April 10, 2014|Aviation, Green Energy|

This is not F-16s Mirror image


This is not a mirror image! The thunderbird General Dynamics F-16s fly so close to make a mirror image…

By |April 10, 2014|Aviation|

Quadcopter Phantom 2 Vision Plus

Phantom 2 Vision Plus

The brand new quadcopter DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ features built-in 3-axis stabilization and the GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition.   Take a look at the video…

By |April 9, 2014|Aviation|

Airbus A350 cabin unveiled

Airbus A350 cabin

The first image of the Airbus A350 cabin unveiled ahead of the opening of the aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg.

By |April 9, 2014|Aviation|

Crosswind difficulties

Crosswind landing

Some landing and takeoff in awkward crosswind conditions at Birmingham Airport (BHX) in England, this winter (a record winter for stormy conditions in the UK).

By |April 8, 2014|Aviation|

Airbus and the moon

Airbus and the moon

Airbus and the moon. An impressive moment. An “Air Condor” plane passing in front of the moon.   Image © Sebastien Lebrigand

By |April 6, 2014|Aviation|

From not existing to flying within 24 hours

3D-printed UAV airframe

Engineers at the University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Center (AMRC), they’ve made a 3D-printed UAV airframe, that can fly within a single day.

By |April 3, 2014|Aviation|

Flying through the Corinth Canal

Flying through the Corinth Canal

Red Bull Air Race competitor Peter Besenyei, one of the most talented pilots in the world, recently flew through the Corinth Canal, Greece, in his aerobatics plane.   Watch the video…

By |April 2, 2014|Aviation|

Amazing Red Arrows 2014

Red Arrows

Red Arrows will perform 85 displays in 9 different countries this year, to celebrate their 50th aerobatic season. This fantastic video shows their show from the inside…

By |March 30, 2014|Aviation|

Mysterious object over Texas baffled aviation experts

Mysterious object over Texas

A mysterious triangular craft was photographed over Texas, has baffled aviation experts. Is it a UFO or secret fighter jet?

By |March 29, 2014|Aviation|
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