Airbus A380 from Concept to Reality

Airbus A380

The Qatar Airways Airbus A380 journey begins with the arrival of the component parts to build our plane…   Watch the video…

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Airborne Campaign on Climate Impacts in the Arctic

Campaign on Climate Impacts in the Arctic

The Arctic RadiationIceBridge Sea and Ice Experiment, or ARISE, is a new NASA airborne campaign to collect data on thinning sea ice and measure cloud and atmospheric properties in the Arctic.

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Air travel Helmet

Airbus Air travel Helmet

The Air travel helmet by Airbus will cancel all other noise from the airplane’s cabin, so you can concentrate on your digital entertainment.

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Airbus A330 after Hail strike

Airbus Hail strike

This happened to Europa A332, 12-hour AirEuropa flight from Madrid to Buenos Aires, on Sep 9th 2014, when the aircraft encountered hail the last 20 minutes of the trip.   Image ©Aviation Herald

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Burning Man 2014 by Drone

Burning Man 2014

Aerial footage of Burning Man 2014.  Take a look at the video to see what looks like to fly drones at Burning Man…

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Navy’s next Fighter will feature Artificial Intelligence

Navy’s next Fighter

The US Navy and the Air Force wants next generations of fighter aircraft to include Artificial Intelligence.     Advanced Navy Strike Fighter Concept Art. Source Boeing 

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Nike’s sports aircraft cabin of the future

Nike's sports aircraft cabin

Seattle-based firm, Teague designed for Nike a jet fit for a (Sacramento) King, specifically an aircraft cabin of the future.

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Next Gen Jet engine Fan blades use Carbon super material

General Electric's GE9X next gen jet engine

General Electric‘s GE9X next gen jet engine fan blades will use carbon super material, so will be thinner, lighter, stiffer, stronger and improve aircraft fuel efficiency.

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Aeromobil 2.5 flying car successfully takes off

Aeromobil 2.5

The third edition of Aeromobil 2.5 flying car, designed by Slovakian engineer Stefan Klein, successfully takes off.

By |September 6, 2014|Categories: Aviation, Vehicles

Tracking Traces of Alternative Jet Fuels

jet biofuels contrails

This spring NASA researchers took to the skies to capture data about the effects of jet biofuels on aircraft emissions and contrails, also by tracking traces of alternative jet fuels.

By |September 4, 2014|Categories: Aviation, Green Energy
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