The unmanned X-47B sipping Gas from a tanker

The unmanned X-47B air refueling from a tanker (4)

The X-47B, Navy’s unmanned combat air vehicle demonstrator, plugged for the first time into a refueling basket trailing behind an Omega KC-707 tanker.


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First 3D Printed Jet Engine part approved from FAA

First 3D Printed Jet Engine part approved from FAA by GE

This is the first 3D printed part approved from FAA, to fly in a commercial jet engine from GE.


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Siemens exceptional Electric Aircraft Motor

Siemens Electric Aircraft Motor

Siemens has developed an exceptional electric aircraft motor that combining high power with minimal weight.


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Chinese CYG-11 seaplane

Chinese CYG-11 seaplane

Chinese CYG-11 seaplane flies or ‘floats’ on a cushion of air above the sea.


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X-56A Multi-Utility Technology Testbed aircraft on a Runway

X-56A Multi-Utility Technology Testbed aircraft

The X-56A Multi-Utility Technology Testbed (MUTT) is greeted on an Edwards Air Force Base runway by a U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) team member.


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F-16 over a B-52- beautiful Military Aviation shot

F-16 over a B-52

One of the best aviation photographers Frank Crebas, during a ride in a F-16BM, captured this stunning image of a Dutch F-16 intercepted a B-52H Stratofortresses.


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Best photo of a Sea Hawk helicopter

HH-60H Sea Hawk helicopter

In this amazing photo, taken on April 12th, a member from Explosive Ordnance Disposal Platoon 621 is hoisted by an HH-60H Sea Hawk helicopter.


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Tube-launcher of multiple swarming UAVs

Tube-launcher of multiple swarming UAVs

The LOw-Cost unmanned aerial vehicle Swarming Technology (LOCUST) is a prototype tube-launcher of multiple swarming UAVs to autonomously overwhelm and adversary.   Watch the video…


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3DR Solo – Smart Drone

3DR Solo - Smart Drone

The 3DR Solo smart drone with computer-assisted flight and advanced camera control, is one of the best available.   Watch the video…


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Bell 525 Relentless commercial helicopter

Bell 525 Relentless

The Bell 525 Relentless helicopter, now in development, will feature a variety of amazing interiors and a fly-by-wire cockpit.


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