Flying Robot Rockstars

Flying Robot Rockstars

Watch a team of hexrotors flying robots that have taken up new instruments to play some fresh songs, presented by KMel Robotics.   Take a look at the video…

By |April 24, 2014|Aviation|

First person view of Blue Angels practice

Blue Angels practice

A practice session of Blue Angels F-18 Hornet fighter jet planes, flying as close as possible. A perfect pattern viewed from the cockpit.    Watch the videos…

By |April 24, 2014|Aviation|

The mysterious unidentified Flying Object over Kansas

unidentified Flying Object over Kansas

A new photo of the mysterious unidentified flying object in Texas, flying over Wichita, Kansas by Jeff Templin, clearly saws a triangular-shaped wing plane with two exhaust nozzles.

By |April 22, 2014|Aviation|

Shoot ‘Em If You Got ‘Em

US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet

A stunning teaser of the Royal Maces full-length 2013-2014 cruise video: “Shoot ‘Em If You Got ‘Em,” with high-flying and fast-action.   Watch the video with the US Navy F/A-18E Super Hornet squadron…

By |April 22, 2014|Aviation|

Skylys – the Flying car

Skylys Flying car (1)


Skylys the flying car, a drivable vehicle capable of vertical take off and landing (VTOL) when integrated to a set of wings.

By |April 21, 2014|Aviation, Vehicles|

Solar Impulse to attempt a round-the-world Solar-Powered flight

Solar Impulse 2

The Solar Impulse 2 is set to fly around the world with no fuel, only by solar power and it is so efficient it could remain in the air forever.

By |April 10, 2014|Aviation, Green Energy|

This is not F-16s Mirror image


This is not a mirror image! The thunderbird General Dynamics F-16s fly so close to make a mirror image…

By |April 10, 2014|Aviation|

Quadcopter Phantom 2 Vision Plus

Phantom 2 Vision Plus

The brand new quadcopter DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ features built-in 3-axis stabilization and the GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition.   Take a look at the video…

By |April 9, 2014|Aviation|

Airbus A350 cabin unveiled

Airbus A350 cabin

The first image of the Airbus A350 cabin unveiled ahead of the opening of the aircraft Interiors show in Hamburg.

By |April 9, 2014|Aviation|

Crosswind difficulties

Crosswind landing

Some landing and takeoff in awkward crosswind conditions at Birmingham Airport (BHX) in England, this winter (a record winter for stormy conditions in the UK).

By |April 8, 2014|Aviation|
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