3D-printed structural components will result in new Building Shapes

3D-printed structural component by Arup

3D-printed structural components will result in “new building shapes,” and more efficient and diverse architectural forms.   Watch the video…

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Mind-controlled robotic arm works a lot better

Mind-controlled robotic arm

A mind-controlled robotic arm works a lot better, is more controllable than ever and can grasp objects more precisely.

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Explore the Year 2014 in Google Search

Google Search

Explore the Year in Google Search. In 2014 we searched trillions of times. What do these searches say about us?  Watch the video…

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WikiGalaxy- a webGL visualization of Wikipedia


In WikiGalaxy, this new spectacular searchable Wikipedia format, you can find information by flying through real space!

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Cicret Bracelet- a tablet on your skin


Cicret Bracelet

With the Cicret Bracelet concept, working as an extension of your smartphone, you can make your skin the new touchscreen.

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Finaly we are one Step Closer to Killing the Password

Killing the Password

The Fast IDentity Online, an open industry consortium delivering standards for simpler and stronger authentication, is one step closer to killing the password.

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High-quality capture of Eyes by Disney

Eyes by Disney

A novel capture system that is capable of accurately reconstructing all the visible parts of the eye, developed by Disney.   Watch thee video…

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Using light instead of wires for super-fast computers

tiny slice of silicon

Stanford engineers they designed a device that can bend light at right angles, to transmit data faster and more efficiently in computers, via optical rather than electrical signals.

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Stephen Hawking uses new Intel system to communicate

Stephen Hawking and Intel

Intel has worked for the last two years to upgrade Stephen Hawking’s computer system, an assistive technology project that will have far-reaching benefits for the disabled.

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Apple patents active fall protection system

Apple patents fall protection system

Apple awarded a patent for active fall protection system, that can recognize when a iPhone is dropped, ensuring that your handset will not break.

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