Apple Lightmac concept

Apple Lightmac concept

Apple Lightmac concept, a model that combines the power of desktop with a projected touchscreen, shows what could be in Apple’s future.

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Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset

Augmented reality headset

Microsoft has revealed HoloLens an augmented reality headset that creates interactive holographic imagery in the wearer’s field of vision.   Watch the videos…

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An Internet Minute, 2013 Vs 2014

Internet Minute

An interesting infographic, comparing an internet minute in 2013 Vs one in 2014.

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SONICable- world’s most advanced Charging Cable

Advanced Charging Cable

SONICable is world’s most advanced charging cable, it can charge any device twice as fast.

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Google invest $1 Billion to SpaceX’s Internet Satellites

SpaceX launch

Google confirms that will invest $1 Billion to SpaceX, for the global internet service through small satellites.

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Voyo Mini PC

Mini PC

Voyo is a Mini PC running on Windows 8.1, a compact machine, well finished and in a very reasonable price.

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Google Glass project Is being shut down

Google Glass

Google Glass project is being shut down and the multinational corporation stops sales of controversial smart eyewear.

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TextBlade tiny portable keyboard

Tiny portable keyboard

TextBlade transforms the typing capabilities on smartphones and tablets, through a tiny portable keyboard.   Watch the video…

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Xiaomi Mi Box Mini Set Top Box

Mini Set Top Box

The Xiaomi Mi Box Mini is a very small set top box, about the same size as power adapter

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Google’s Project Ara modular smart phone

Google's modular smart phone

Google‘s Project Ara prototype futuristic modular smart phone, is a unique swappable-module phone idea.   Watch the video…

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