The secrets behind Apple Watch

Secrets behind Apple Watch

The secrets behind Apple Watch, from ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis that got an exclusive first look at the company’s secret health lab.

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Forget your Passwords in Windows 10

Windows 10 with Windows Hello

Biometric authentication is coming! In Microsoft‘s Windows 10 with ‘Windows Hello,’ designed to make your computing experience more simple, personal and more secure.   Watch the video…

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Kids can now design and 3D print their Toys

design and 3D print Toys

Autodesk’s new app lets kids design and then 3D print their own toys!   Watch the video…

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Apple Watch hands-on

Apple Watch hands-on

Watch one of the first Apple Watch hands-on. A working, talking wearable, straight from the Cupertino labs.   Take a look at the two videos…

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Which Apple Watch to Buy

Which Apple Watch to Buy

A cool infographic to help you decide which Apple Watch to buy…

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iSkin on-body touch sensors


iSkin is a flexible, stretchable and visually customizable on-body touch sensors for smartphones.   Watch the video…

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Apple Watch is available April 24

Apple golden Watch

Apple Watch is available April 24 in a variety of models and prices, starting at $350 up to $17,000 for the golden model.

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200 GB in the tiny MicroSD!

SanDisk 200 GB MicroSD 2

SanDisk’s newest microSD card can store 200GB in this extreme small size, it’s the smallest solution for your backups.

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Paralyzed woman Fly Plane with her Mind

Paralyzed woman Fly Plane with her Mind

The first step for piloting an airplane with your mind. Paralyzed woman fly plane with her mind after neural implants.

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Microsoft’s new foldable slim keyboard

Microsoft's universal foldable slim keyboard

Microsoft reinvented the keyboard. Its new foldable very slim keyboard is designed for any mobile device.   Watch the video…

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