Digital Director turns your iPad into a DSLR command center

Digital Director DSLR command center for iPad

Manfrotto announced the Digital Director, an adapter that turns your iPad into a remote controller for DSLRs.

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World’s smallest computer is smaller than a grain of rice

World’s smallest computer

The Michigan Micro Mote (M3) is world’s smallest computer is smaller than a grain of rice and is powered by light.

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The Future of Displays will be 3D

3D Display of the future

The next generation displays will not be flat glass screens, like the iPad, but physically dynamic 3-D surfaces that can reconfigure themselves.

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Interesting Stats & Facts about Apple – infographic

Interesting Facts about Apple 1

Very interesting facts about Apple, the most valuable company in history.   Take a look in this infographic.

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Apple Watch – Guided Tour

Apple Watch - Guided Tour

Avery interesting introduction to the Apple Watch with 4 official videos, to the unique technologies and interactions that make using it a new, more personal experience.

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Facebook to start testing its internet solar drones

Facebook internet solar drones

Facebook will start tests this summer of the solar-powered drone, as part of their aspiring project to bring internet connectivity around the world.

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The secrets behind Apple Watch

Secrets behind Apple Watch

The secrets behind Apple Watch, from ABC News’ Rebecca Jarvis that got an exclusive first look at the company’s secret health lab.

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Forget your Passwords in Windows 10

Windows 10 with Windows Hello

Biometric authentication is coming! In Microsoft‘s Windows 10 with ‘Windows Hello,’ designed to make your computing experience more simple, personal and more secure.   Watch the video…

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Kids can now design and 3D print their Toys

design and 3D print Toys

Autodesk’s new app lets kids design and then 3D print their own toys!   Watch the video…

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Apple Watch hands-on

Apple Watch hands-on

Watch one of the first Apple Watch hands-on. A working, talking wearable, straight from the Cupertino labs.   Take a look at the two videos…

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