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Ebola Ravaging West

Ebola in Africa

Understandably, there is a lot of panic surrounding the Ebola outbreak currently ravaging West. Ebola is a virus, so it is only reproduced inside the cells.

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Lunar Transit by Solar Dynamics Observatory

Lunar Transit

The moon crossed between NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) and the sun, a phenomenon called a lunar transit.

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Mind-blowingly hypnotic Optical Illusions

hypnotic Optical Illusions

Hypnitic optical illusions by professor of Psychology at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan, Akiyoshi Kitaoka.

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Horsehead Nebula from Blue to Infrared

Horsehead Nebula

The Horsehead Nebula in Orion 1,500 light years from us, one of the most identifiable nebulae in the sky, is part of a large, dark, molecular cloud.

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Only 8.2% of our DNA is biologically important

Human DNA

Only 8.2% of our DNA does something biologically important, which means that over 90% of the rest may be completely worthless according to geneticists at Oxford University.

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AIDS Deleted


Researchers from Temple University probably have figured out a way to fully ‘delete’ AIDS (HIV) from human cells for the first time.

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See what happens if you fold a paper in half 103 times

If you fold a paper in half 103 times

If you could fold a paper in half 103 times, the thickness will be larger than the diameter of the…   Watch the video…

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How we find an Exoplanet


The video from MinutePhysics explains what methods we are using to find an Exoplanet.   Take a look at the interesting video…

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Graphene- the next Big Thin Thing


The one atom thick Graphene would be the next big thing in materials science. SciShow explains what it is, why it’s so awesome, and what challenges we face in harnessing its amazing properties.    Watch the video…

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Vantablack- world’s Darkest Material


Vantablack new material developed so devoid of reflection, that’s the world’s darkest material, looks like a black hole.    Image credit Surrey NanoSystems.

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