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AIDS Deleted


Researchers from Temple University probably have figured out a way to fully ‘delete’ AIDS (HIV) from human cells for the first time.

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See what happens if you fold a paper in half 103 times

If you fold a paper in half 103 times

If you could fold a paper in half 103 times, the thickness will be larger than the diameter of the…   Watch the video…

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How we find an Exoplanet


The video from MinutePhysics explains what methods we are using to find an Exoplanet.   Take a look at the interesting video…

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Graphene- the next Big Thin Thing


The one atom thick Graphene would be the next big thing in materials science. SciShow explains what it is, why it’s so awesome, and what challenges we face in harnessing its amazing properties.    Watch the video…

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Vantablack- world’s Darkest Material


Vantablack new material developed so devoid of reflection, that’s the world’s darkest material, looks like a black hole.    Image credit Surrey NanoSystems.

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Global detailed Geologic map of Mars

Geologic map of Mars

This global detailed geologic map of Mars, is based on unprecedented variety, quality, and quantity of remotely sensed data acquired the last 16 years since the Viking Orbiters.   Images © USGS

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Auroras over Northern Canada


Dramatic auroras stretching across a sky near the town of Yellowknife in northern Canada.   Image © Kwon, O Chul (TWAN)    Watch the video…

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Love is the drug?


Lead scientist Dr Valerie Voon, from Cambridge University, said that those with drug addiction and sex addiction have similar neurological responses.

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80 per cent of the Light in the Universe is missing

 Light in the Universe is missing

CU-Boulder instrument on-board Hubble, have revealed that the Universe is “missing” a large amount of light.

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You are officially invited to give names to Exoplanets


The International Astronomical Union (IAU), for the first time, in response to the public’s increased interest in being part of discoveries in astronomy, is organizing a worldwide contest to give popular names to selected exoplanets along with their host stars.

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