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Small Moon Mimas

Saturn's moon Mimas

Mimas, one of Saturn‘s small moons with a big crater, is made of mostly water ice with a smattering of rock – so it is accurately described as a big dirty snowball.

By |October 21, 2014|Categories: Astronomy

Solar Panel that will cut cost by 25 percent

Solar Panel

Scientists at Ohio State University invented a solar panel that stores energy without the need of an external battery.

By |October 20, 2014|Categories: Green Energy

Earth’s magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime

magnetic field of Erth

New study finds Earth’s magnetic field that protects life from energetic particles from the sun and cosmic rays, could flip within a human lifetime. It can take just 100 years to flip.   Image © ESA

By |October 17, 2014|Categories: Astronomy

Zero-emission fusion reactor

fusion reactor

Zero-emission fusion reactor developed by engineers at the University of Washington, promises ‘cheaper than coal’ energy.

By |October 16, 2014|Categories: Physics, Technology news

Affordable Solar Power Technology

Airlight Energy High Concentration PhotoVoltaic Thermal system

IBM and Airlight Energy are developing an easy to install, low-maintenance and long lifetime, affordable Solar Power Technology.

By |October 16, 2014|Categories: Green Energy

New ultra-fast charging batteries that last 20 years

New ultra-fast charging batteries

New ultra-fast charging batteries that last 20 years, developed by NTU that can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only two minutes.

By |October 15, 2014|Categories: Physics, Product Design

100 Planetary Nebulas in one page

100 Planetary Nebulas

An amazing collection of 100 planetary nebulas, almost all the beauty of our Universe, in one page by Judy Schmidt.

By |October 14, 2014|Categories: Astronomy

Amazing Energy facts to blow your mind

Amazing Energy facts

Here are some amazing energy facts to shock your brain! Is Wind Energy Worth It?    Watch the video to find out more…

By |October 14, 2014|Categories: Green Energy

Tomb of Alexander the Great’s Father Discovered

Tomb of Alexander the Great's Father

The remains of Phillip II, father of Alexander the Great, have been discovered in a royal tomb in Vergina, Greece.   Image © Theodore Antikas

By |October 14, 2014|Categories: Physics

Huge mystery shapes in Kazakhstan

shapes in Kazakhstan

Huge mystery shapes with crosses, rings, swastika and more, discovered by Google Earth into the landscape of northern Kazakhstan.

By |October 13, 2014|Categories: Physics
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