• fish camouflage

Where is the fish?

Yes there is a fish here! When it stops, it disappears! Watch in the video the amazing fish camouflage…

By |May 12, 2015|
  • A-10-C

Close Air Support

An amazing video by members of the 25th Fighter Squadron, demonstrating what ‘Close Air Support’ is all about, from the seat of an A-10C…

By |May 11, 2015|
  • Robo-Squid will explore Europa

Robo-Squid will explore Europa’s underground oceans

NASA has unveiled a ‘robo-squid,’ hoping to discover with it alien life in underground oceans of Jupiter’s moon, Europa.

By |May 11, 2015|
  • Floating Seahorse villa in Dubai (7)

Floating Seahorse

Floating Seahorse is a floating villa, which has been cleverly designed and developed in Dubai.

By |May 11, 2015|
  • Google's new campus in Mountain View (5)

Google’s new headquarters in doubt

Google’s new headquarters in Mountain View, made by canopies hugging the ground like a biosphere on Mars, is in doubt.

By |May 11, 2015|
  • Inflatable cycle helmet

Inflatable cycle helmet

Inflatable cycle helmet is billed as the safest thing a cyclist can wear.   Watch the video…

By |May 11, 2015|
  • CHIP - small computer (6)

CHIP – world’s first $9 Computer

C.H.I.P. is a small computer that costs $9. It’s tiny and easy to use. you can surf the web, check your email over wifi, play games and comes with dozens of applications and tools preinstalled.

By |May 11, 2015|
  • Rolls-Royce Wraith – Inspired by Fashion (9)

Rolls-Royce Wraith – Inspired by Fashion

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars influenced by Haute Couture, created the ‘Wraith – Inspired by Fashion’.

By |May 11, 2015|
  • Cloudy Earth global map (

Cloudy Earth global map

A study based on 13 years of satellite data estimated that about 67 percent of Earth’s surface is typically covered by clouds.

By |May 11, 2015|
  • Drone Football

Drone Football

Drone Football by Pepsi Max surprises a group of footballers, in Barcelona, by transforming their local pitch into an incredible, interactive ‘electronic’ football arena.

By |May 10, 2015|

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