Elon Musk will build 700 satellites to provide worldwide internet

Elon Musk is planning to build 700 cheap satellites to provide worldwide internet.   Image © NASA

Gate Residence- the ultimate green-building in Cairo

The ultimate green-building ‘Gate Residence’ futuristic billion-pound complex in Cairo, fitted with solar panels, wind turbines and more.

Bicycle World Record 207 mph

An amazing rocket-propelled bicycle world record 207 mph 333 km/h by François Gissy, at Circuit Paul Ricard, in France.   Watch the video…

A mash up of scenes from Space movies

A stunning mash up of scenes from Space movies, by MOVIECLIPS Trailers, that puts together scenes from the best Space films ever made.   Watch the video…

How Self-Driving Cars will change our lives

Take a look at this interesting infographic to see how self-driving cars will change our lives, in the very near future…

The Solar System compared to Earth

The Solar System compared to Earth by astronomer John Brady. He reveals the size of planets and moons in relation to our blue planet.   North America how it would look on the Mars

True Facts about our daily life part II

New series of True Facts infographies about our daily life, that make us smile…

3D-printing a Lunar base

Astronauts will be 3D-printing a Lunar base rather than building it, according to a proposal from Foster+Partners in collaboration with ESA.   Watch the new video…

First IMAX Private Theatre on a Superyacht

‘The Nemo Room’ is the first IMAX private theatre on a superyacht, that will not only be used to watch cinema blockbuster releases, but it will also project live underwater CCTV images from the ocean.

How to perform CPR

A very nice and simple explanation on how to perform CPR, that gives you a better grasp of what to do if an emergency does happen.   Take a look at the infographic…

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