Earth’s magnetic field could flip within a human lifetime

magnetic field of Erth

New study finds Earth’s magnetic field that protects life from energetic particles from the sun and cosmic rays, could flip within a human lifetime. It can take just 100 years to flip.   Image © ESA

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Antarctica’s Ice Loss is affecting Earth’s Gravity

Antarctica's Ice Loss

Antarctica‘s ice loss is significant enough to affect Earth’s gravity. The gravity loss is very little but indicates big changes in ice coverage.

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Chances of Finding Alien Life Greatly Increased

water in our oceans may be older than the sun

The recent discovery that the water in our oceans may be older than the sun has increased the chance for discovering life on exoplanets.   Image © wikimedia

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50 ways your Home can Save the Earth – infographic

Save the Earth

In this very well made infographic you can find not only 10, but 50 things you can do in your home to reduce the negative impact you have on the environment and your pocket.

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Earth lit during the equinox


The entire disk of the Earth lit during the equinox on September 22, 2013.   Take a look at the video…

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A Probe will study Earth’s Forests in 3-D

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI)

A laser-based instrument called GEDI, developed for the International Space Station, will give a unique 3-D view of Earth’s forests, helping to fill in missing information about their role in the carbon cycle.

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Six Months of Earth’s surface activity into 6-sec video

Earth's Surface Activity

An amazing six months of Earth‘s surface activity, into 6-Second time-lapse video, made by NASA.    Image credit NASA

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How Life on Earth began

Life on Earth

The easiest explanation on how Life on Earth began. What was the last shared ancestor of all life like? How did it make its living?   Watch the video…

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The Storms hitting Hawaii explained in this map

The Storms hitting Hawaii explained in a map (2)

The storms hitting Hawaii explained in this brilliant online visualization map, called earth, we told you about earlier this year.

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Everything you need to know about Planet Earth

about Planet Earth

In this awesome video you will find out everything you need to know about amazing Planet Earth, this solid thing you are standing on right now. How did it come into existence and how big is it really?   You will be surprised…

By |August 5, 2014|Categories: Natural phenomena
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