Supersonic Submarine

US Navy attack submarine USS Annapolis

China is working on an ambitious project, a ‘supersonic submarine,’ using an underwater air bubble, that could travel from China to San Francisco in less than two hours!

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The return of Supersonic Passenger travel

Supersonic Passenger travel

NASA’s new efforts to define a new standard for low sonic booms, will mark the return of supersonic passenger travel.

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The cockpit of supersonic Bloodhound Interactive

supersonic Bloodhound

An interactive image lets you explore the cockpit of the supersonic Bloodhound, the car that could reach 1,000mph.

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The Future of Travel- Supersonic Flight

supersonic jet Spike S-512

Spike Aerospace is working on the design of a new supersonic jet, the Spike S-512! Their team of engineers have just completed Design Phase 1 which includes putting together the initial designs and specifications.

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The future of air travel will be Supersonic

The future of air travel will be Supersonic 1

U.S scientists are testing different shaped planes in wind tunnels that travels at supersonic speeds without the sonic boom.   Image © Science Uncovered

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Supersonic Spike Aerospace S-512

Supersonic Spike Aerospace S-512 (1)

Spike S-512, a supersonic personal jet, designed by Spike Aerospace, founded by a small group of passionate engineers.

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Multi-Angle supersonic jump of Felix Baumgartner

Multi-Angle supersonic jump of Felix Baumgartner 2

Watch and hear the sound of the jump of Felix Baumgartner, through his eyes and other angles, from the Red Bull Stratos balloon at 127,850 feet, reaching a top supersonic speed of Mach 1.25.

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Schlieren Imaging of Supersonic Shockwaves

Schlieren Imaging of Supersonic Shockwaves

Elusive schlieren images of supersonic shockwaves emanating from two NASA’s aircrafts F-15 and F/A-18, flying at supersonic speeds, captured during recent pilot proficiency flights.    Have a look at the video…

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First Supersonic Drone ready for its Maiden Flight

First Supersonic Drone ready for its Maiden Flight

“Taranis” the first Supersonic Drone, is about to flying in a remote part of Australia which was once the site of nuclear tests.

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Japan’s quiet supersonic airplane

Japan's quiet supersonic airplane

This prototype of quiet supersonic airplane developed by Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, will travel very quietly at speeds that exceed the sound.

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