Supersonic Shock Waves

T-38C aircraft flying at supersonic speeds

NASA and the United States Air Force recently released what’s called a “schlieren” image of the shock wave, a massive update to a 150-year-old German photography technique,  from a USAF Test Pilot School T-38C aircraft flying at supersonic speeds over the Mojave Desert.


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Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet

Spike S-512 Supersonic Jet (1)

The Spike S-512 sleek and innovative supersonic jet, that will sweep passengers to their destinations at supersonic speeds.


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NASA reveals a plan for new generation of Supersonic plane

New generation of Supersonic plane (3)

A few days ago we posted about the plans of new Air Force Hypersonic airplane. Now the NASA reveals a $2.3m plan, to help a new generation of supersonic plane.


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Supersonic Air blower cleans the rails from snow

Supersonic Air blower cleans the rails from snow (3)

GE’s Advanced Rail Cleaner (ARC) software-guided supersonic air blower, cleans the rails from snow.


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NASA tests ‘Flying Saucer’ Mars lander

‘Flying Saucer’ Mars lander

NASA is testing ‘Flying Saucer’ Mars lander, which will play a crucial role in future Red planet missions.


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The Jet engine into the Bloodhound

Jet engine of Bloodhound

Bloodhound Build Team, for the last couple of weeks, have trial installed the EJ200 jet engine into the upper chassis of the supersonic car.


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Giant Russian supersonic transport plane concept

Russian PAK TA supersonic transport plane

Giant Russian supersonic transport plane is designed to carry tanks to combat zones.   Take a look at the video…


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Bloodhound Supersonic Car 650mph Desert Comms Test

Bloodhound Desert Comms Test

Bloodhound team that will attempt to break the world land speed record of 1000 MPH (1,609km/h), is testing the cars comms in South Africa.   Watch the video…


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The Bloodhound Supersonic Car kit


The Bloodhound Supersonic Car kit contains over 3,500 components, many custom-made, including: a state-of-the-art Rolls-Royce EJ200 jet engine – normally found in the Eurofighter Typhoon.   Watch the video…


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NASA’s impressive concept planes for Supersonic travel

NASA concept planes

NASA’s impressive concept planes featuring sleek fuselages and delta wings, could someday make supersonic travel common place.


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