Where Are All The Aliens? Solutions and Ideas

Where Are All The Aliens

Where are all the aliens? The universe is too big and too old, why have we not met aliens yet? Are we just to primitive to understand their motives?   Watch the video…


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The Universe Explained in 3 minutes

The Universe Explained

Bill Nye unveils new information that suggests that the universe has the ability to communicate directly with white women.   Watch the video…


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Where Are All The Aliens? The Fermi Paradox

Where Are All The Aliens

The universe is unbelievably big – trillions of stars and even more exoplanets. So… there just has to be life out there, right? But where is it? Why don’t we see any aliens? Where are they?


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Mysterious ‘Supervoid’ is largest object in the Universe

Mysterious 'Supervoid'

Mysterious ‘supervoid’ 1.8 billion light-years wide, could be the biggest object ever discovered in the universe.


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Traveling at the Speed of Light

Speed of Light

Here on Earth, the speed of light seems incredibly fast. But as soon as you view it against the vast distances of the universe, it’s unfortunately very slow!   Watch the amazing simulation in the video to see why…


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A Truncated Story of Infinity

Story of Infinity

In this interesting video find the infinite possibilities within the everyday. Following a day in the life of Vincent, “Subject X” and his many variations that exist throughout the universe.


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See what happens if you fold a paper in half 103 times

If you fold a paper in half 103 times

If you could fold a paper in half 103 times, the thickness will be larger than the diameter of the…   Watch the video… (more…)

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80 per cent of the Light in the Universe is missing

 Light in the Universe is missing

CU-Boulder instrument on-board Hubble, have revealed that the Universe is “missing” a large amount of light.


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Most Colorful View of Universe

Most Colorful View of Univers by Hubble

Most colorful view of Universe captured by NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope. The resulting image contains about 10,000 galaxies, extending back in time to within a few hundred million years of the big bang.


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Most detailed simulation of our Universe

simulation of our Universe

The Illustris is the most ambitious computer simulation of our Universe yet performed.   Watch the video…


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