A Probe will study Earth’s Forests in 3-D

Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI)

A laser-based instrument called GEDI, developed for the International Space Station, will give a unique 3-D view of Earth’s forests, helping to fill in missing information about their role in the carbon cycle.

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Six Months of Earth’s surface activity into 6-sec video

Earth's Surface Activity

An amazing six months of Earth‘s surface activity, into 6-Second time-lapse video, made by NASA.    Image credit NASA

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How Life on Earth began

Life on Earth

The easiest explanation on how Life on Earth began. What was the last shared ancestor of all life like? How did it make its living?   Watch the video…

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The Storms hitting Hawaii explained in this map

The Storms hitting Hawaii explained in a map (2)

The storms hitting Hawaii explained in this brilliant online visualization map, called earth, we told you about earlier this year.

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Everything you need to know about Planet Earth

about Planet Earth

In this awesome video you will find out everything you need to know about amazing Planet Earth, this solid thing you are standing on right now. How did it come into existence and how big is it really?   You will be surprised…

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A new vision of Earth 4 billion years ago

Earth 4 billion years ago

These are Earth and Moon in the Hadean epoch, 4 billion years ago, pummeled by large impacts letting magma flow out and at the same time, some parts of Earth’s surface could have retained liquid water.   Image credit  Simone Marchi.    Watch the video…

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We are Gaia


A project inspired by photos from Gaia of European Space Agency (ESA) by Laurent Seince. He shows the importance of our relationship with Earth and how we must to preserve it.

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International Earth and Sky Photo Contest 2014 winners

Light in the Sky

The winners and notable photos of the 5th International Earth and Sky Photo Contest, a program by The World at Night (TWAN) in collaboration with the Global Astronomy Month and the National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO).

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Peeling a city off Earth’s crust

Peeling a city off Earth's crust

Peeling a city off Earth’s crust, dog peeling off his coat, mines on fish flesh, paintings by Supparat Thepparat.

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What if the Earth stopped Spinning?

If the Earth stopped Spinning

Earth rotates at around 1,100 miles per hour (1,670 km/h). Video reveals what would happen if our planet stopped turning.

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