Airbus unveiled Detachable Cabins design

Airbus Detachable Cabin

New Airbusdetachable cabin concept, could revolutionize the future of aviation and save passengers time at the airport.


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Poppi- the Airline of the Future?

Poppi- the Airline of the Future

Teague concept airline Poppi, sees for the not-so-distant future, a faster boarding time to your seat, no big carry-on bags and more.


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Flying around in a Martin Jetpack

Flying around in a Martin Jetpack

Martin Aircraft released a video with successful manned tests of their production model, like Dubai’s firefighters one.   Watch the jetpack with pilot flying around…


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First Solar Powered Airplane for Kids

Solar Powered Airplane for Kids

The Volta Flyer is the world’s first solar powered airplane science kit for kids.


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New AS2 Supersonic private jet

Aerion AS2 Supersonic private jet

The new AS2 supersonic private jet, is being built by Airbus and Aerion, can go from London to New York in three hours.


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World’s biggest aircraft ‘takes off’

World's biggest aircraft 'takes off'

Airlander world’s biggest aircraft, a cross between an airship and an aeroplane, ‘takes off’ for the first time, but it’s not ready to leave the hangar.


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Valkyri smallest Private aircraft

Valkyri smallest Private Jet

The Valkyri private aircraft inspired by classic fighter jets with clean lines and premium finishes, impresses with understated elegance.


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Dubai’s firefighters will soon use jetpacks

Dubai’s firefighters with jetpacks

Dubai’s firefighters will soon use jetpacks, to assist in case of fire at their skyscrapers.


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The Blue Angels in 360-degree video

The Blue Angels in 360-degree video 2

Climb aboard Blue Angel 4 in the “slot” position, with this amazing 360-degree video. Situated at the back corner of the Angels’ signature diamond formation


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Airbus helicopter designed by Peugeot

Airbus H160 civil helicopter

Airbus has just unveiled the new sleek, with dynamic lines H160 civil helicopter, styled by Peugeot Design Lab, at the Dubai Airshow.


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