Heart of the Dragon tree

‘Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time’ an amazing book of the most ancient trees on Earth, from all over the world, by photographer Beth MoonHeart of the Dragon.

Images © Beth Moon

San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon, traveled to the most remote places on earth, for the last 14 years, to capture these stunning images of the longest living trees.

General Sherman tree

General Sherman

Check out her book: Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time.


Avenue of the Baobabs trees

Avenue of the Baobabs



Kapok tree



The Lovers tree

The Lovers


Sentinels of St. Edwards - tree

Sentinels of St. Edwards


The Strangler Fig tree

The Strangler Fig


The Whittinghame Yew  tree

The Whittinghame Yew



Majesty tree



Bufflesdrift Baobab tree

Bufflesdrift Baobab



Bristle Cone Pine Relic tree

Bristle Cone Pine Relic



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