APEX AP-0 Super Sports EV (5)

The APEX AP-0 offers a more connected driving experience, embodying sustainability, pioneering technology, cutting edge design and, above all, a strong emotional connection.

The design of the AP-0 features, at its core, an ultra-lightweight carbon fibre tub with modular spaceframes and a centre spine for maximum rigidity.

The carbon fibre body panels wrap tightly around the tub while exposing parts of the central construction.

APEX AP-0 Super Sports EV (4)

The AP-0 is a triumph of how form and function can be combined in one harmonious package. This begins with the front aerodynamic bodywork, which channels air underneath the car and behind the front wheels, along the body and out below the large rear diffuser.

APEX AP-0 Super Sports EV (3)

The flat floor exploits ground effect principles, helping to pin the car to the ground for tremendous cornering ability. This is aided by the low centre of gravity provided by the 90kW floor-mounted battery pack. Together, these features enable the AP-0 to achieve a kerb weight of just 1,200kg.

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