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Beyond Infinity is an immersive installation created by Serge Salat. The French artist/architect has designed the infinite labyrinth of shapes and colours for a touring exhibition in China.

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By using panels of mirrors, shifting lights, cubic shapes and music he creates a multi-sensory experience that combines Eastern Chinese with Western Renaissance.

Visitors to Beyond the Infinity amble though a series of enclosed rooms, each lined with mirrors and illuminated by an assortment of brightly coloured lights.

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Serge Salat – “Beyond the Infinity”

French artist Serge Salat’s multi sensory installation “Beyond the Infinity” reveals new and astounding cosmic visions to the audience. The artwork will travel 10 cities of China, including Shanghai and Beijing, from September to November 2011. General Motors China sponsors the tour exhibition.


Since 1988, Serge Salat has built multi-sensory art spaces interweaving virtual reality and fractal art.
The installations are full-scale rooms, closed private cosmos in which the audience penetrates and participates to a mystical journey through its physical and emotional stimulations.

Serge Salat’s work blends Eastern Chinese philosophy and cosmic visions with advanced contemporary techniques.